iOS 13 Causing Stability Issues With Fortnite Mobile

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iOS 13 Fortnite Mobile
Image Source: Epic Games (screenshot)

iOS 13 is currently in its beta testing period. It is typically during the beta tests that Apple begins to figure which games will work correctly with their latest OS updates and which ones will not. It appears that Fortnite Mobile falls into the latter category. While it is almost certainly not going to be the only application that experiences problems with the new OS, it is definitely one of the most widely used apps that has an issue.

iOS 13 Beta

The initial seed for iOS 13 beta testing was distributed just last month amid claims of improved speed and functionality. Updated features include Dark Mode and a completely redesigned emoji and messaging center. Now, the second beta release is on the street, and developers are working to sort out issues. It appears that Fortnite Mobile suffers from severe instability on the new OS, as Epic Games is warning players not to download the update.

Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite is an MMORPG that has taken the world by storm. It has gained popularity among audiences of all ethnic backgrounds and geographic regions. Fortnite Mobile was rolled out in 2018 and in spite of a few hiccups at first, it quickly caught on. The mobile version of the game has had a couple setbacks along the way, and the latest one stems from iOS 13, which causes the game to become very unstable.  Epic Games stated on its Twitter account that Fortnite players should wait to download iOS 13 until a solution can be found for the problem.

Who Is Going To Fix The Problem

During beta testing with any OS or application there are almost always compatibility issues. iOS 13 is no different in this respect. While it isn’t yet clear what is causing the problem between iOS 13 and Fortnite Mobile, issues of this type are common. As of this moment we are unsure as to whether or not the fix for the problem will come in a later beta version of iOS 13. It could be that Epic Games will instead create an update patch for Fortnite Mobile to make it compatible with Apple’s new OS. We will have to wait and see which way the cookie crumbles on this before we know for sure who is going to resolve the problem.

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