iOS 12.0.1 Does Not Fix The Freezing Issue With The Phone App

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Soon after the release of iOS 12, many users complained about the Phone app freezing when they try to use it. Affected users expected a fix in the next update, iOS 12.0.1, but to their disappointment, the freezing issue with the Phone app continues even after updating to it.

Freezing issue with the Phone app not yet fixed

Users who updated to the latest iOS version were quick to notice that the freezing issue with the Phone app persists. Many took to Apple’s forums and other social media outlets to express their disappointment:

“Having the same problem iPhone X 256GB iOS 12.0.1. I was also hoping the update would fix the issue, but it does not,” one user noted on Apple’s forums.

Another affected user said: “I have a 5SE with the same issue ever since updating to 12.0.0. The 12.0.1 update didn’t seem to fix anything and restarting only worked the first few times.”

Based on the complaints, it can be said that the freezing issue with the Phone app is not device-specific. Users with an iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone SE have all been experiencing the issue, which seems to be related to the software. Since many users are now reporting the freezing issue with the Phone app, Apple must take note of it — if it has not already — and release a fix as soon as it can.

There are no workarounds for the freezing issue with the Phone app. However, some users say restarting the phone resolves the issue for a while; others say resetting the phone to its factory settings have helped them address the issue. If you are facing this issue, you can try both solutions, beginning with restarting your iPhone.

New issues after updating to iOS 12.0.1

For Apple, iOS 12 hasn’t been a smooth ride so far. Although previous major releases have had issues, users seem to be facing more issues with iOS 12. Since its release, users have reported problems ranging from Wi-Fi issues to charging problems with the new iPhone XS.

Apple and affected users expected the iOS 12.0.1 update to fix all such issues, but to their surprise, the latest update led to new problems. The iOS 12.0.1 update has fixed the charging problem, but users are now reporting new issues with the handsets, like broken calls, poor networks, signal connectivity and quick battery drain.

Some users of both new and old iPhones are complaining that their phone is unable to make or receive calls.  One user took to Twitter to complain about the battery drain issue, saying that his phone’s battery went from 94% to 88% in just 20 minutes after a voice call.

Users are also complaining that iOS 12.0.1 is making it difficult to send pictures and initiate FaceTime calls.

iOS 12.0.1 fails to fix these problems

The issue in which iMessages are being sent to the wrong people persists. Many users complained about the issue, which they first encountered with iOS 12. However, Apple insists that the issue is actually a feature. Apple has added “unified thread” functionality to iMessage in iOS 12.

The new feature brings together all iMessage contacts who have more than one phone number and email address. Apple’s new feature combines messages from people with multiple contact options. However, because of the bug, iMessage is merging threads with different contacts, often leading to embarrassing situations.

Further, there are reports that iOS 12.0.1 also does not fix the 4G/LTE connectivity problems faced by iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users. Users are also complaining about issues with Bluetooth connectivity.

“iOS 12.0.1 now messing with my vehicle Bluetooth.  Remind me not to ‘upgrade’ again!!” tweeted one user.

Issues with Wi-Fi are also not fixed with 12.0.1. Users are complaining that their devices only “occasionally” connect to Bluetooth. Even the charging issue is not fixed for all. Some users with older iPhones, like the iPhone 6s, claim they are still facing the charging issue.

iOS 12.0.1 is so buggy that many are advising against installing it. The latest OS update is recommended only if you want to fix the charging issue. For other issues that you are facing, it will be wise to wait for the next OS update.

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