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Although the latest Apple mobile operating system provides these improvements over the previous generation, there have also been iOS 11 problems. Any major software release is liable to attract bugs and glitches, and iOS 11 has certainly been no exception to this process.

iOS 11 became available to download on September 19, and around one month into its lifecycle the operating system is still seeking a little stability. Of course, it is also an outstanding piece of software that drives the recent impressive iPhone X and iPhone 8 handsets. But iOS 11 problems have also been evident from day one.

iOS 11.0.1

iOS 11.0.1 rolled out just one week after the release of the original operating system, and was intended to fix a few known problems with the mobile software. In particular, alterations were made to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings of the software in order to help alleviate battery problems that were plaguing users. This is certainly hardly an ideal scenario, as the relatively paltry lifecycle of Apple products is well-established.

Other iOS 11 problems that emerged at this time related to the Microsoft Outlook / Exchange Server, which has sometimes failed to deliver emails. Crackling sounds are also audible during some phone calls, while there was another bug which resulted in some users’ photos being hidden. Another prominent issue involved attachments in S/MIME-encrypted emails failing to open.

iOS 11.0.3

As more iOS 11 problems emerged, Apple released iOS 11.0.3 which was intended to iron out some of the most common problems that had yet to be resolved. Older Apple mobiles caused problems at this juncture, and, in particular, it was found that audio and haptic feedback would not work on some iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices. The iPhone 6S screen also proved problematical.

However, although the updates had by now addresses many of the common iOS problems, another one was to emerge on the horizon. Many users who installed the second update from Apple reported poor performance and degraded battery life, while stability problems and bugs with Bluetooth and Touch ID were also commonplace.

Other problems

Aside from the major iOS 11 problems that were identified, several other issues emerged as the software became more bedded in. Extensive testing from the Apple beta program had weeded out many of the most serious difficulties, but there were still inevitably some problems that had yet to be resolved.

Perhaps the most serious of these has affected a very small number of iOS 11 users, yet can still be considered rather serious. It was reported that two particular iPhone users experienced total system breakdown, after the batteries included in the devices burst the exterior casing open. Apple is currently investigating these claims, which were made regarding devices purchased in East Asia.

There have also been concerns regarding battery life. In an unusual move, Apple monitored 50,000 iPad and iPhone users on its networks, and discovered that the individuals utilizing the iOS 11 operating system experienced only 50 percent of the battery life cycle compared to those on iOS 10. While it is suggested that the utilization of new features could have contributed to this, it is still a disturbing precedent for Apple.

Even with the iOS 11.0.3 update having been released, battery problems remain the top complaint among Apple users, something that is hardly a new problem for the consumer electronics giant.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues

Many users have also found that the iOS 11 Control Center is causing compatibility problems with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Specifically, some iOS 11 users have complained that when they toggle these features off in the Control Center that their mobiles failed to actually turn off this functionality.

However, Apple claims that this isn’t actually a bug, and is intended to ensure that several applications can have constant access to this functionality. The list of features which apparently require continual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access is as follows:

  • AirDrop
  • AirPlay
  • Apple Pencil
  • Apple Watch
  • Continuity features, like Handoff and Instant Hotspot
  • Instant Hotspot
  • Location Services

Even turning Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off via the Settings option will result in them being turned on automatically again at 5am the following morning.

Apps issues

One of the more irritating iOS 11 problems that has been commonly reported is that older applications have stopped working, or even disappeared completely, following the latest update. All 32-bit apps have been rendered completely useless by the new iOS 11 update, with the latest operating system from Apple intended only to be compatible with 64-bit software. Sadly, any apps that are not receiving 64 bit updates will cease to be compatible with the Apple operating system.

Redesigned App Store

Despite this seemingly lengthy list of iOS 11 problems, the operating system is still well worth the hype. There are a raft of new features included in this latest Apple release that have generally been warmly received, with the redesigned App Store perhaps the most attractive. It is so much easier to identify new software within this fixture of the Apple system, with new tutorials making the utilization of apps easier than ever before.

Apple has also devoted serious attention to gaming, with a dedicated tab now devoted to the discovery of both new and popular games. In-app purchases for games are also coming in the redesigned App Store, while previews and gameplay videos can also be found more easily now as well.

Apple has also set aside its own content in the newly designed App Store, and the keen gamer is now provided with a considerably more intuitive and flexible experience.

With lock screen and Notifications updates also being included, along with a raft of new features, the Apple operating system can still be considered a significant success, even if it is experiencing some teething trouble.

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