Users Experience iOS 11.0.2 Problems After Update

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iOS 11 has not been a pleasant experience for many users. There have been reports of a wide variety of problems from WiFi issues to messaging issues to an annoying home button delay. One of the most common complaints, however, seems to be about the battery life in iOS 11. There is no shortage of complaints online about battery life being greatly reduced after making the move to iOS 11. Just spend a few minutes on Reddit or Twitter and you will surely see someone make mention of their iOS 11 battery life (or lack thereof).

Apple has pushed out two updates to iOS 11 (iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.0.2) but neither seems to have fixed the issues causing fast loss of battery life. In fact, a lot of users have been downgrading back to iOS 10.3.3 if the option is available. So, what exactly is causing these iOS 11.0.2 problems and why is battery life still an issue for iPhone users?

There are several reasons that people could be experiencing poor battery life and other iOS 11.0.2 problems. We covered some ways to fix your poor iOS 11 battery life but most of the fixes are stop gap solutions until Apple is able to push out an update that addresses the root cause of the battery drain issue.

Every major iOS update causes battery life to decrease a little faster. Usually this is only for a short time as Spotlight indexes all of your files and apps in the background. However, after this process is done, your iPhone should stop experiencing rapid battery drain. That is clearly not the case with iOS 11. Something is continuing to suck battery life from devices even after two updates from Apple. In fact, many commentators online are recommending that you DON’T update to iOS 11.0.2 because of Apple’s failure to improve battery life drain and the potential for new bugs to be introduced. If you have auto update turned on then you may want to consider going into your device settings and turning off that feature.

When will Apple respond to these iOS 11.0.2 problems? You have to think that the number of users complaining on social media about poor battery life will prompt a response from the company. Perhaps the issue is that older devices simply cannot keep up with iOS 11? That would be a disasterous admission for Apple. What’s more likely is that they continue to quietly work on the issue and release fixes on the fly.

Have you been experiencing iOS 11 battery life issues? Have you noticed any new iOS 11.0.2 problems pop up since updating? Let us know in the comments section below!

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