iOS 10 Jailbreak For iPad Seen Running In Video

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If you know a thing or two about iOS jailbreaking, you will have heard of Luca Tedesco. The Italian hacker/coder has posted another jailbreak video, only this time, it’s an iOS 10 jailbreak. In the video, it’s clear that the device is an iPad, but whether it’s an iPad Air 2 or 9.7-inch iPad Pro can’t be determined.

iOS 10 jailbreak: true or false?

The final version of Apple’s latest firmware was only released to the public earlier this week, but a new video clearly shows the firmware jailbroken and running on an iPad. The video was created by the well-known Italian hacker/coder/developer Luca Tedesco, who for a long time has been in the habit of releasing jailbreak videos, but nothing more.

In fact, earlier this year he revealed a similar video which showed iOS 10 jailbroken. However, it was not the final version in today’s video; it was a previous beta.

iOS 10 jailbreak video

This latest Tedesco video shows an iPad running an iOS 10 jailbreak with Cydia Substrate. The Cydia icon can be seen in the Dock with other popular packages, most of which must have been installed directly via the Cydia platform. From the information available, it looks as though the jailbreak in the video is a semi-untethered one.

Running his jailbreak app called yalux_clean enables the iPad to be placed into a jailbroken state. After this, a custom Anemone theme can be seen running, which changes the color of installed icons. Again in the video, Luca launches Cydia to show that it works without issue for iOS 10.

Finally, the video demonstration is ended with the running of apps like iFile and Mobile Terminal. Plus, the developer flicks through some features of the OS to show that it is indeed an iOS jailbreak.

Jailbreak excitement

Without a doubt, the news of a possible iOS 10 jailbreak will get people in the jailbreaking community excited. Probably those who will be the most excited are those who have forgone their iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak and installed iOS 10.

However, there have been lots of times when the community has become excited over the last year, only to be brought back down to earth when nothing materializes. I am sorry to say that many of those times of excitement have been the direct cause of Luca Tedesco. The developer has in the past shown his jailbreak solutions in public but not released anything for general use. Instead, it looks as though he does this for private gain and research.

So with the above taken into consideration, it is highly unlikely that we will ever see his iOS 10 jailbreak publicly.

If the thought of this jailbreak not making it into the public domain has you worried, don’t be. This is not the end, as Luca Tedesco is not the only developer. There are others, like the Chinese PanGu team and iH8snow, who have shown iOS 10 jailbreaks while it was in beta. In the meantime, we will keep you updated about a possible jailbreak.

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