iOS 10: Hidden Or Secret Features You Should Know About

iOS 10: Hidden Or Secret Features You Should Know About
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After many months of testing various betas, Apple has finally launched iOS 10, and it’s a massive update with all of the features people have been talking about. There is also another 100+ secret features that Apple has decided to remain silent about. So in this article, I am going to share with you everything I can about these exciting hidden features.

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iOS 10 at WWDC 2016
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So if you want to impress your friends with your iOS 10 knowledge, read on and to find out more about these hidden extras.

1. Scribble on photos

If you would like to annotate a picture or draw or doodle, it is now possible thanks to Markup. To do this, go to the Photos app –> settings –> the top left three dots icon –> Markup. What’s great about this feature is the ability to use it in iMessage. To do so, tap the right arrow on the bottom left; this will show you the camera icon. Tap the icon –> Tap and hold any photo –> then tap Markup on the bottom left.

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ios 10 finger unlock
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2. Restore iOS 9 home button functionality in iOS 10

If you’re not using an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, there’s a good chance you won’t like this new feature. iOS 10 has a new unlock feature that requires you to press the home button to unlock the device. While it will work well for new devices, on older handsets, it will likely cause some problems.

However, there is a way around it; head on over to our tutorial here and find out more.

3. Delete the default apps

Like most iOS users, you probably have a folder containing all the Apple apps you don’t use. The good news is that now you can sort of delete these unwanted apps.

To do this, all you have to do is give a long press on one and then tap the tiny “x.” While this isn’t a real deletion of the app, iOS 10 will hide it and delete your personal data. Unfortunately, it does not work will all Apple apps, such as Health and a few others.

close multiple tabs at once in safari in iOS 10

4. Close multiple tabs in the Safari browser

If you want to close multiple tabs when using Safari, tap and hold the tab button. You should now see a red option to close all the tabs at the same time.

5. Alter the brightness of your iPhone’s flashlight

If you have iOS 10 installed on an iPhone 6s or 7, you can change the brightness of your flashlight. This is done using 3D Touch and is perfect for those looking for the TV remote in bed.

iOS 10 Quick action widgets

6. Quick action widgets

Apple has greatly improved the functionality of 3D Touch in iOS 10. Now when you’re on the home screen, deep press on an app, and a baby version of it will launch. What’s great about these baby apps is that these are not just shortcuts; they’re interactive. This means that with apps like PCalc, there’s a tiny calculator, and Apple Maps automatically suggests better routes and more.

7. Hide people from iOS 10 photo albums

The tech giant has done a lot of work to overhaul the Photo app in iOS 10. It is now able to identify both people and groups and the photos they are in. So if there is a group or particular person you don’t want to see, go to the People photo album and tap “select” in the top right. Then select the persons/person you want to hide, and then tap “hide” in the bottom left.

iOS 10 unscubscribe to newsletters
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8. Unsubscribe to newsletters quickly

If you feel besieged by annoying newsletters in the mail app, you can now quickly unsubscribe. All you have to do is tap on the unsubscribe button at the top, and that’s it.

9. Where’s my car?

Apple Maps can now remember where you parked your car. This feature is great if you’re traveling and likely to leave your vehicle in a place you’re not familiar with. Another great thing about this iOS feature is that you don’t have to do anything because as soon as you stop driving, Apple Maps adds a pin to your car’s location.

iOS 10 search photos

10. Search your Photos

In the Photos app, there’s a new feature: a memories tab with smart albums. These albums are now able to analyze the content of your images. This enables you to search for specific items in pictures, such as an umbrella. Upon on returning, the results iOS 10 will show you all of your images that contain an umbrella.

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