iOS 10 Beta 4 vs. iOS Beta 3: The Difference

iOS 10 Beta 4 vs. iOS Beta 3: The Difference

On Tuesday, Apple released the new beta 4 version of iOS 10 for developers, and while it has not been around for long, changes from the previous beta 3 have already been noticed. These changes may not be huge, but it is worth having a look at what Apple has decided to tweak.

iOS 10 Beta 4 Vs Beta 3 Whats the difference

iOS 10 beta 3 vs beta 4: Haptic Feedback for manual lock removed

Originally introduced with iOS 10 beta 3, Haptic Feedback was used when a device was manually locked using the sleep/power button. Apple for some unknown reason has decided to remove this feature in beta 4 for developers. It is, however, possible that it could be reinstated at some later stage of the operating system’s development, as it was a nice change to how people could lock their iPhones.

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New keyboard sound

Apple seems to like keyboard sounds, as with beta 4, we have a somewhat new one to add to the collection. However, this particular one was first released with the original beta and then removed in beta 2, only to be reinstated in the third and now altered very slightly in the fourth.

Quicker folder animations

Did this really need a tweak? Surely folder animations in beta 3 were fast! Apparently though, they were not fast enough for Apple, as in beta 4 they have been sped up, and noticeably too.

New emojis

Apple has also added 100 new emojis into beta 4, which include more for gender equality and diversity. The company has always liked to use emojis and has never been shy about how it uses them.

In fact, Apple previously stated that it would include new emojis in iOS 10 and that these would natively support its messaging applications and keyboard. So as you can tell, this is not a beta 4 versus beta 3 thing; it’s merely a pit stop on the road to Apple getting to where it wants to be with iOS 10.

UI tweaks

In beta 3, if you had gone into Settings –> Color Filters, you would have seen a color grid, but this has now been replaced with a selection of different colored pencils. You may have noticed that the icons for the control center have changed too! These are minor tweaks, and personally, I believe Apple should be focusing on ironing out bugs in iOS 10 and not wasting time on this.

Notification center

In the previous betas of iOS 10, including the third, the widget screen did not include the date. Now Apple has changed this to display it and make it accessible by swiping to the right.


The fact that some out-of-date wallpapers made their way into iOS 10 beta 3 did surprise me. Apple has realized the need to remove them and has done so but also reintroduced an earlier mountain wallpaper with stars from a previous version of iOS.

And that is everything that has changed or been tweaked from beta 3 in iOS 10 beta 4. What changes would you like to see? Is there one particular feature of iOS 10 that you do not like? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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