Interview With Guy Spier (Value Investor, Author) [Podcast]

Interview With Guy Spier (Value Investor, Author) [Podcast]

We are honored to present our Intrview with Guy Spier, reputed value investor based in Zurich, Switzerland, and author of the investing book “The Education of a Value Investor“.

Since 1997, Guy has been managing Aquamarine Fund, an investment partnership inspired by, and styled after the original Buffett partnerships of the 1950s. Guy made headlines in June 2007, by bidding USD 650,100 (with Mohnish Pabrai of the Pabrai Funds) for a charity lunch with a person no less than Warren Buffett himself!

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Guy Spier

Our founder Nitiin A. Khandkar has been in touch with Guy since 2011, over e-mail and the social media. Nitiin has exchanged notes with Guy over the last few years. Guy was gracious enough to immediately accept Nitiin’s invitation for an Interview for the “Interviewing the Investing Elite” Series, for Beyond Quant InvestTraining, in spite of having never personally met Nitiin.

Guy’s humility in giving this interview – a good 47 minutes of it – is astounding. We know that being a fund manager, Guy has several pressing demands on his time. Yet, he quite patiently addressed all of our questions, and spoke at length, sharing his invaluable insights and thoughts on the finer aspects of Value Investing.

We cannot thank him enough – this kind gesture will surely go a really long way in helping us further establish our brand within the International Value Investing Community – and within the Investment Training space.

Guy must have given countless interviews till date. But we are quite confident that the relevant audience across the world will gain new insights and learn a lot from Guy’s answers to our questions!

We welcome reader feedback at founder @ bqinvesttraining. com (spaces deliberately included, so as to avoid bots).

Interview With Guy Spier – Part I

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Part II

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