Internet Of Things – Teched Out House [INFOGRAPHIC]

Internet Of Things – Teched Out House [INFOGRAPHIC]

Internet Of Things – Teched Out House by The Rug Seller

Today, more and more technology is finding its way into the household, making our lives simpler, safer and eco-friendlier. In this piece we’ll be looking at how the average household may look in the not so distant future and how all this new, shiny technology will help us day to day.

Productivity seems to be the number one priority for developers of technology as you will see in this infographic. The technology we show you below regarding productivity allows you to do things without the modern hassles of having to for example, get up from wherever you’re seated to turn something on/off. There’s also a lot of new apps that can get things ready by the time you arrive such as boiling a kettle or prepping the oven.

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Security is also a major player in modern day technology. Soon our walls, ceilings and floors will all be able to track our movements and detect when things don’t seem right. We will also have technology to boost our healthiness with self-cleaning refrigerators and self-sterilizing door handles to name a few, all thanks to the internet of things.

And finally we have new eco-friendly technology the keep the planet heathy. These new piece of tech reduce our energy consumption and recycle what we already have to power something else.


All of these points will be explored in more detail as we look at a teched out house of the future.

Internet Of Things – Teched Out House

Internet Of Things - Teched Out House


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