Interactive Google Map Ranking Of Top Universities – Moscow?

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A new feature from Alphabet provides users with the 1st Interactive Google Map Ranking on top colleges in Europe – see below for more information

More and more young people choose to continue their education by proceeding to learn industry-related skills or obtain a tertiary level degree. Choosing the right university is most likely one of the most discussed subjects among secondary education graduates—and for good reason! Deciding where to acquire a Bachelor degree can be a very exhausting and stressful activity because one must evaluate whether university will be a good fit for them and how much tuition is going to cost. Students who are considering the possibilities of studying in Europe can find themselves easily overwhelmed.

To help make things easier, Market Inspector is featuring two interactive Google Maps with the top 35 European universities for 2018. Main goal of the first interactive Google Map is to provide practical information about the best ranked higher education institutions in Europe, how many students they have in total, number of international students, and tuition. The second interactive Google Map is made for the purpose of giving future student a better understanding about the kinds of  living costs they can expect during studies. With this resource, student can plan their personal budget accordingly and understand whether studying at a certain university is affordable or not.

The first interactive Google Map ranking is based on top universities six metrics and weights:

  •    Academic reputation – 40%
  •    Employer reputation – 10%
  •    Faculty/Student Ratio – 20%
  •    Citations per faculty – 20%
  •    International Faculty Ratio – 5%
  •    International Student Ratio – 5%

Created by:Market-Inspector

As per top universities ranking, 17 out of 35 higher education institutions in Europe are located in the United Kingdom, which makes the British education standout amongst the most valued education systems within Europe. Nevertheless, studying in the United Kingdom comes at a price, an annual tuition fee is £9,250 per year of full-time Bachelor study. For the third year in a row, the best English university is the University of Cambridge, which is the perfect choice for the students who are interested in Arts & Humanities, Life Sciences & Medicine, or in Social Sciences & Management. The runner up institution for higher education is the University of Oxford, which is actually ranked number one in the world for their Anatomy & Physiology programme. Third place went to the University College London which is ranked first in the world for their Education & Training programme.

Created by: Market Inspector

The second Google Map’s university ranking is based on the average monthly living expenses in the city where is the university located. The main goal of positioning universities by monthly living cost is to help students to understand how their are going to need to budget their monthly spending accordingly. According to the cost of living ranking, the least expensive city is Moscow, Russia, where monthly costs are £470 (excluding rent). The runner-up position is Birmingham, England, with £567 on a monthly basis. After Birmingham, there are 11 other cities in the United Kingdom which makes studying in England one of the most affordable places to acquire some of the best education in Europe. Please note that monthly living cost was taken from numbeo and figures exclude monthly rent. Moreover, remember that how much money you actually need is dependent on your lifestyle and spending habits.

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