Intel Corporation Working To Make Edison PC As Small As Coat Button

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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)’s Edison, a low-cost computer not more than the size of SD-card could get a makeover in 2015. Intel CEO Brain Krzanich said that the company will launch a better and smaller Edison in 2015. Krzanich said that firm envisions the Edison computer to be no bigger than the size of a coat button, packed with all the features that it has now.

The shrinking size of computers

Krzanich also stated that the computer should be powered with a battery that is almost the same size, adding “Which means that basically you can put a computer in the button of your coat. We’re pretty comfortable we can get there, whether at the end of next year or the beginning of 2016.”

The CEO of the company was speaking at the Make it Wearable challenge in San Francisco with finalists including Edison-powered camera drones, modular Smartwatches and haptic necklaces. He said that shrinking the size of the computers to fit the fashion form factor definitely can be achieved. Krzanich said that the company is trying to evaluate whether it should produce some prototype devices to show people the extent to which it can go.

Intel focusing on wearables

According to Krzanich,it is difficult to imagine that one device fulfills all purposes in the wearables space. He said that it seems unlikely that one device will perform all the functions such as recording vital signs and also accessing social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, however, there is some chance it might happen.

A significant tweak for wearables, according to Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) CEO, would be a better battery life and Intel is working towards that. The CEO indicated that the company will bring a new chip to market next year, a basic model in early 2015 and a more advanced one in the second-half of the year, which will switch-on the digital components and computing power only when the low-power sensors are switched on.

Intel is also planning to have features like a basic fitness and sleep tracker. Krzanich said that if Fossil needs to build a watch that has a functionality like sleep tracking, step counting and other features then they can count on Intel for that.

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