Intel, Ericsson Come Together To Help Telecoms Join The Cloud

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Intel has entered into an alliance with Ericsson to help network operator customers develop data-centers, making it more competitive against big cloud-based Internet firms such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, says a report from Reuters. There was no information provided the financial terms of the partnership.

Ericsson to serve major telecoms

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday, Ericsson’s chief executive, Hans Vestberg said, “We will build datacenter equipment which will actually have the same performance as many of the big cloud providers are doing for themselves.”

Ericsson, which is a major player in mobile network equipment, will help major global telecom companies to transfer cloud computing using Intel data-center designs to compete efficiently with rivals.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said, “Our efforts with Ericsson and their use of Intel’s Rack Scale Architecture will drive innovation in the data center.”

After the partnership with Intel, Ericsson will be able to offer tailored data-centers, simultaneously competing with technology suppliers such as Cisco and IBM, says the report. According to the Ericcson CEO, the company is focused on offering services to big telecom companies instead of competing with new corporate customers in other industries. Telecom companies are determined to set up the data-centers in the cloud to bring down the cost of hardware spending, enhance the range of services offered to subscribers and develop the Web-wide reach of the big Internet companies.

Intel to help in hyper-scaling operations

In the past 10 years, services such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft have shown less interest in buying finished computers, storage devices and network components, and instead developed their own systems in-house to create massive, low-cost data-centers in the cloud to serve a huge user-base.

“The difference is that we are going to provide it to the market,” Vestberg said.

Vestberg said that data, applications and distributed cloud infrastructures would now be automated and governed for security and compliance, in line with the global enterprise policy requirements and geo-specific regulations. Vestberg said that partnering with Intel and other industry leaders is designed to bring a hyper-scale approach across both software and hardware to reinvent the data center of the future.

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