Integrate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn into your Email with BrandMyMail

Integrate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn into your Email with BrandMyMail

Emails need not to be simple looking. These days, we’re stuck with social media more compared to mails. It definitely makes a good sense to integrate some of your social media elements to email, be it for branding purpose or for getting more exposure.

BrandMyMail is a web app which allows users to customize Gmail messages by integrating various social media elements. If you want to add your various social media content to your email, then that’s where BrandMyMail comes to the rescue.

With BrandMyMail, you can add social media signatures by adding Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, RSS, Google profile and many other networks to your messages. It doesn’t ends here but you can also add real-time content such as Facebook posts, Twitter Feeds, photos, YouTube videos and more.

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To get started, head over to the website and click on the big red “Get Started” button. From the next page, you can start creating your email template by dragging and dropping those elements to the template. Let’s say you want to add a stylish signature to your email. To do this, drag and drop the “signature” element to the template. You will need to drop the element exactly where you want them to appear. Likewise, you can also add images, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, YouTube, LinkedIn, other social buttons and much more. You can also find different designs and layouts. Click on it to select the layout and design of your email template. Overall this is a powerful app that can create that perfect email template, with minimum hassle.

Integrate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn into your Email with BrandMyMail

When you are done customizing the email template, click on the I’m done button. Sign-in to your Gmail account and you will notice two new buttons to the Compose window – Send and Preview (which will have small BrandMyMail logo next to it).

Compose the email and click on “Preview” to view the preview of the email, before sending it. If you think that’s how you want, then click on the “Send” button. You can also change the email template from “Template” drop-down menu. The default template is named as “Personal”. Click on the edit button to edit the template name.

To get more features, you can opt for Premium subscription which costs 3 € per month. But for most users, the free version should be enough. BrandMyMail currently supports only Gmail. Start creating beautiful, rich emails for business or fun, directly from your Gmail account.

You can download and install the BrandMyMail extension for Firefox and Chrome. Hit the below link to download:

BrandMyMail For Chrome

BrandMyMail For Firefox

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