Instagram Video Upload Limit May Soon Be Raised To An Hour

Instagram Video Upload Limit May Soon Be Raised To An Hour
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The only way you can share videos on Instagram that are longer than a minute is through a live stream, but it appears that may change in the future. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Instagram video upload limit may change to allow videos up to an hour in length.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Facebook-owned network is currently preparing to launch the abilities to support videos that are far longer than the current minute-long allowance. Additionally, the company held meetings with prominent content creators and publishers over the past few weeks in hopes that they might be able to convince them to create long-form videos for the platform.

Apparently, the company is focused on increasing the Instagram video upload limit for vertical videos to start, but the options may expand in the future in order to allow for horizontal videos as well.

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Instagram hasn’t announced anything official about the Instagram video upload limit being increased, but the report doesn’t seem that far off-base. With social media becoming more and more a part of our lives, there’s definitely a demand for our favorite creators to make longer content to share on the platform. If Instagram can find a way to either monetize this content or keep people on the platform for longer periods of time, it may be more than worth the cost of the extra storage space required for storing longer videos.

With the Instagram video upload limit increased, we may soon see professionally produced content on the platform – perhaps even full shows that are available only on the app. The ability of content creators to create this these long-form videos may continue to drive users to the platform – and perhaps away from Snapchat, which is currently the app’s biggest competition among the audience.

Young people are abandoning Facebook in droves, and while Facebook remains the largest social media network by a decent margin, the company needs a way to retain users. That may mean making their other app, Instagram, stand out more from the competition. By continuing to add more features to an application that is currently considered cool by the growing population of young social media users, they may better be able to continue growing as a company.

The Wall Street Journal has also stated that if the Instagram video upload limit is raised, the videos will stay present on the main app rather than branching into some other sort of program. By keeping their users concentrated in one central hub, they may continue to establish themselves as the premier social network among teens and young adults which is a market that continues to flourish.

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