Epic April Fools Joke — “Apple Buys iFixit”

Epic April Fools Joke  — “Apple Buys iFixit”
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Repair documentation website iFixit pulled off one of the most sucessful April Fools jokes this year with a hoax claiming to have been acquired by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). The epic April Fools joke led to a slew of “Apple Buys iFixit” headline all across the web as quite a few gullible folks actually fell for the clever prank.

Fake press release

An hilarious fake press release was posted on iFixit’s site yesterday, including a quote from the CEO on his “number”.

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“Everyone has a number,” said Kyle Wiens, iFixit’s CEO. “I didn’t think there was a reasonable number that would make me say, ‘You know I was going to change the world with repair documentation but here’s a number.’

Furthermore, the “press release” claimed that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has “made a commitment to produce the most replaceable electronic devices and personal computers on the market.” It also stated that Apple is “working hard to make devices last long enough to be upgraded or irrelevant, making repairability an antiquated notion.”

Follow up email message

iFixit sent out a follow-up email blast this morning with the large headline “We’re Not Going Anywhere” front and center. The message wet on to explain that the entire “Apple buys iFixit” story was an April Fools hoax and that the company was continuing operations as usual.

The message continued, “If you fell for our “Apple Acquires iFixit” April 1st joke. rest easy.” Selling out iFixit’s core values is unthinkable. We’d stop breathing first.”

Having fun with Apple

The April Fools prank was really just about having some fun with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), CEO Wiens explained in the email. “Yes, we have fun poking at Apple on occasion. Our banter with them is friendly, pointed at times, but always aimed in a constructive direction. We love their products and the wicked smart people that work there. A partnership with Apple would be exciting on many levels: wouldn’t it be great if they made parts and manuals available for their products? Isn’t it possible to make a thin iPad that also repairable? We certainly think so.”

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