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iFixit Awards Galaxy Note 8 A Repairability Score Of Only 4/10

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After the Note 7 disaster, Samsung was hoping to make it big with the successor Galaxy Note 8. However, the latest iFixit teardown could come as a disappointment for buyers and professional repairers.

Samsung Note 8 is somewhat hard to repair

iFixit, a California-based electronics repair service, has given the Samsung Note 8 a 4/10 repairability score. In iFixit’s repairability scores, one is the hardest to repair, so this means that Samsung’s new Android-powered flagship is hard to take apart to replace a component.

“All repairs require removing the glass rear panel, which is challenging due to the large amount of adhesive,” the repairer says.

Both the front and back of the handset are covered with Gorilla Glass 5, so the iFixit professionals had to be very careful while removing the display. Further, the repair website notes that the rear glass panel of the handset is fixed with a significant amount of adhesive, and hence, it is more prone to breaking during a repair.

“Replacing the display requires removing the glass rear panel and the display, both of which are fragile and secured with strong adhesive,” says iFixit.

According to iFixit, even an easy-looking job of replacing the battery is made difficult due to the use of a large volume of strong adhesive.

“The battery can be replaced, but tough adhesive and a glued-on rear panel make it unnecessarily difficult,” the expert repairer says. The same is true with the rear panel and the way it has been attached with the handset’s frame, adds iFixit.

As far as the positives, the only screws used in the Samsung Note 8 are standard Philips screws, so this will save some time for repair professionals, as they won’t have to switch between screwdriver heads repeatedly. In addition, the iFixit repairers were able to detach the Type-C USB port from the daughterboard, which means it will be easier for repair professionals to replace the port if there are charging issues with the handset.

Torched, scratched and bent

In addition to the repairability test, the Galaxy Note 8 has also been put through several pressure and fire tests. YouTube channel JerryRigEverything gave some serious torture to the handset, and you will be pleased to know that overall, the phone performed rather well.

First, JerryRigEverything carried out a scratch test to see how well the Note 8’s Gorilla Glass 5 performs against sharp objects. The YouTube channel found that the handset held up at level six (out of nine), but on level seven, deep grooves started to appear in the display. This performance, according to JerryRigEverything, is on par with that of the iPhone 7.

In the fire test, JerryRigEverything used a lighter to put a flame on the Note 8’s display. A permanent burn mark was visible on the display after about 10 seconds. Thereafter, in the bend test, the expert found that the handset is strong and did not sustain any damage from the bending. Overall, JerryRigEverything described Samsung’s latest flagship as reliable.

Presently, the Galaxy Note 8 is available for pre-order in many markets. It is up for a commercial release on September 15, although some of those who pre-ordered the handset in the U.S. have already received theirs.

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