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Livestream’s media partnership with Wild About Trial – broadcasting high-profile trials from across the country – gives real-time access to cases such as Gawker Media v. Hulk Hogan and other high-profile cases

Brooklyn, NY, March 23, 2016 — Livestream, the world’s leading live video platform, announced today that more than 655,000 people viewed the Livestream of the Gawker Media v. Hulk Hogan trial on their mobile or desktop devices during the course of the trial, including more than half a million viewers watching at the same time. Livestream’s partnerships with Wild About Trial and other court and media platforms are providing millions of people in the public and legal community with high-quality, real-time feeds into courtrooms they can watch anywhere and on any device.

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Hulk Hogan Trial

“We think good government starts with transparency and access, and we’re proud that courts across the country are using Livestream to open up courtrooms to more of the public,” said Sam Jacobs, Senior Vice President for Sales & Marketing at Livestream.

“Wild About Trial lets our users be the 13th juror in the hottest, most salacious cases going on around the country. Using the most innovative, cutting edge technology, Livestream allows Wild About Trial users to receive the best, strongest and most uninterrupted feed to any of their mobile devices,” said Alison Triessl, Founder of Wild About Trial.

Livestream’s partnership with Wild About Trial is yet another way in which we deliver on our commitment to bring as many live events as possible to viewers across all platforms,” said Clayton Rose, General Manager, Livestream for News. “We are thrilled to be working with Wild About Trial and continuing to expand the ways in which more courtrooms are open to the public.”
Criminal trial app Wild About Trial has used Livestream to broadcast Gawker Media v. Hulk Hogan and other high profile trials.

Livestream Data on Trial Viewership

Total Views: 655,518

Max Concurrent: 530,000 (during first week of trial)

Total Minutes Viewed: 4.1 million minutes

>This month, the Delaware Supreme Court became the first State Supreme Court to broadcast non-confidential oral arguments via Livestream. The Justices in Delaware seek to benefit the legal community as well as provide an educational opportunity for students, schools, and members of the public interested in learning about the Delaware Courts. Viewers can watch attorney arguments, directives from judges and testimony directly from the witness stand in the most important trials taking place.

Users can view these lawsuits – live – from their phones, tablets, Apple TV, or any other device and from anywhere in the world through a partnership with Wild About Trial™, a mobile application designed to provide up-to-the-minute updates on trials throughout the country.


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