Huawei P11 X Concept Copies iPhone X Design

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The Huawei P11 X is the hotly anticipated flagship from a Chinese manufacturer that has managed to capture the attention of a notoriously difficult western market. While we will likely see a launch of the phone in Q1 2018, there’s not much currently known about the upcoming handset. That doesn’t keep enterprising individuals from dreaming up what exactly we’ll see from the phone, however, as evidenced by the recent release of Huawei P11 X concepts by YouTuber Concept Creator.

Concept Creator releases concept videos relatively frequently, and his most recent project takes a look at the hotly anticipated Huawei P11 X. It’s worth noting that these concepts are far from official and are only an exercise in creativity as we imagine what we may see from the upcoming phone.

Inspired By The iPhone X?

This new Huawei P11 X is made out of metal and glass and truly looks like a premium flagship. It has a striking similarity to the iPhone X, including a signature notch at the top of the phone – although the Huawei P11 X notch is considerably smaller than that of the iPhone X. A vertically aligned trip of cameras at the back of the phone should provide a notable upgrade over the dual camera setup of most current flagships. The back of the phone also features a dual-LED, dual-tone flash with a laser autofocus.

As time goes on, more and more phones are moving towards designs that ditch bezels in favor of an edge-to-edge display. It seems that the Huawei P11 X falls in line with this trend, with a large screen only somewhat marred by the iPhone X-esque notch. As popular as the iPhone X is, it’s true that the aesthetic of the phone falls behind some Android handsets from the likes of Samsung who have really mastered this trendy appearance.

Huawei P11 X Design

The physical keys of the phone are all made of metal and are located on the right side of the phone, though there are strangely four buttons rather than the usual three. In addition to the usual power / lock and volume keys, the Huawei P11 X has a dedicated camera button – a feature not recently seen on high-end flagships. It’s an interesting choice, and it seems as if Concept Creator anticipates that the company will heavily emphasize the phone’s camera functionality.

Refreshingly, the Huawei P11 X concept includes a headphone jack at the top of the phone. With recent phones ditching the jack – purportedly due to the additional space that the inclusion takes up in increasingly thinner phones – it’s nice to see that functionality retained. The bottom of the phone, as expected, contains a Type-C USB port. Less expected, however, are the uniquely designed loudspeaker grills. It seems that if you ditch the headphones and still want to listen to your favorite tunes, you’ll still enjoy some pretty decent sound quality. The Huawei P11 X renders from Concept Creator include a Black, Blue, and Red model. If you’d like to see the concept images for yourself, you can check out the full video embedded below.

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