Howard Marks on concentrated investments, Position Sizing, ZIRP

Howard Marks on concentrated investments, Position Sizing, ZIRP
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Howard Marks at UVA three clips

Published on Aug 12, 2016
Howard Marks on concentrated investment styles and capital structure considerations.

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Published on Aug 12, 2016
Howard Marks on outperforming and risk as it relates to doing things differently in investing.

0:20the old saying that if you live by the sword die by the sword
0:23the people make heavily concentrated pets and what I would consider high
0:28rates equities make a lot of money when they work and and the you know at people
0:35like Ackman are famous for their winners but the only thing is that they don’t
0:42always work in vegas have an old saying the more you bet the more you win when
0:49you win and you can’t argue with that
0:51you know it’s absolutely true that the more you bet on your winners the more
0:58you want but what they don’t say in vegas is that
1:02and the more you use when you lose and that’s the that’s what happens with
1:07concentrated physicians & and you know this this year and last year in vallians
1:16mother’s son medicine so forth
1:18we’ve had a chance to see what happens
1:21and so I think that you know when I was a kid
1:27one of the first things I learned in this business was the saying that there
1:31are old investors and there are bold investors but there aren’t that many old
1:36golden vessels and people who invest all that you often get carried out and that
1:43Ackman hasn’t been carried out but certainly you know he’s in the news
1:48fish last year in this year in a way he doesn’t want and you know the
1:56interesting thing about investing is that there are many different ways to
1:59succeed and what seems attractive to Bill Ackman the Ray Dalio doesn’t
2:07understand how he does it or white
2:11but but there are different ways to skin the cat and you know that we all have
2:18different risk towels
2:21it’s different psychological makeup and I think one of the most important
2:29lessons in general and investing is that we have to in
2:33best in a way that is in line with our risk tolerance
2:39if we try to do what somebody else will
2:42that’s a good way to get into trouble if I I couldn’t you know obviously ray
2:47saying he couldn’t live the way they will invest
2:51I couldn’t live that way either but to build seems like the right thing and and
2:55certainly his reputation suggests that it had all things being equal the more
3:02senior you are the more you can concentrate
3:06you know if it’s it’s one thing to have twenty percent of your fund in a high
3:12volatility equity
3:13it’s something very different have twenty percent of your fun in in a in
3:19the senior credit instrument of a percent rich company so I think that no
3:26matter what your risk tolerance is as you rise in the capital structure and
3:31see there i am saying that that the equities at the bottom as you rise and
3:36then then it’s reasonable concentrate more but you know we we’ve read about
3:44people who had thirty percent of their funded valley
3:50thirty percent them other names recently and I don’t think we’ve ever had
3:55thirty percent position or world and by the way but part of it is that I you
4:00know our clients are institutions and they come to us for us for steady cans
4:04in performance and nobody invest thirty percent in an individual stock and and
4:13and ensure to deliver steady consistent performance

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