How To Recover Your Forgotten iTunes Account ID

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There’s no problem with forgetting your account ID or password, until and unless it just stops you from accessing your very own music and videos collection on iTunes. You might think that you have purchased those songs by shelling your hard earned money, but the problem is that if the song is DRM protected, then you won’t be able to play it until you have authorized your system to play them using iTunes.

To authorize the computer, you need to login using your Apple ID and password. But it might happen that you forgot your Apple ID. Or you have used more than one iTunes account and don’t remember the account ID that you used to purchase the items.

Apple does offer a password recovery link, but it requires you to enter your Apple ID first which is of no help. Fortunately, there’s a way to look up your iTunes account ID.

Apple, in a knowledgebase article, points out that each song or any item that you have purchased in iTunes will be tagged with your name and ID. All you need to do is to access this information.

To view it, open iTunes and highlight any one of the items that you have purchased. Go to File > Get info and then click on Summary tab (which would be the default tab).


In this tab, you can see the name and Apple ID listed. You can use this ID as your username and then login to authorize your computer to play your item. Apple also says that in most cases, your iTunes store account name will be your email address. Before doing anything, you can try to login using your email address but if you have multiple email addresses, then the method discussed above will be of great help.
Go ahead, use this method to recover your iTunes Account ID in no time!

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