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How To Opt Out of Interest Based Ads At Yahoo Mail

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Yahoo has finally retired the Yahoo Mail Classic and now users are forced to use the new Yahoo Mail, without any option to revert back to the old mail. But that’s not all, as the company also announced that it will start scanning user emails to display ads based on their interest.

How to Opt Out of Interest Based Ads on Yahoo Mail

So apart from the new mail, the user would get the free gift of contextual-based advertising. Yahoo scans the emails of the user and then displays ads – it works pretty much the same way as Google does for its Gmail.

So if you’re using Yahoo Mail and want to opt out of interest-based ads, then simply follow the below procedure. However, it is not clear that even after following this procedure, Yahoo will stop scanning your emails.

Visit the Ads Interest Manager section on Yahoo! privacy site. Here, you’ll see the interest categories which would be currently set to ON.

yahoo opt-out

You can turn off particular categories with just a click or opt out of all interest based ads by clicking on “Opt out.”

What this means is that after turning off ads from here, Yahoo will not show you personalized ads based on the categories that you have turned off. Advertisements from categories that you have left ON will still be displayed. The yellow Opt Out button is the safest bet to opt out of everything in one go.

Yahoo Mail’s New Avatar

For those who don’t like Yahoo Mail’s new avatar have little options – like using IMAP instead. You can use a desktop client like Thunderbird to configure Yahoo mail.

It seems that Yahoo is also following what Gmail has been doing for years – to scan the email and show them ads based on that. As a user, all you can do is to follow the above procedure to opt out of interest based ads.

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