How To Make An Email Whitelist And Not Miss The Best ValueWalk Content

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If you’re a recipient and don’t want your favorite emails to end up in the junk folder, or if you’re a marketeer running an email campaign hoping your emails will hit the inbox, this information is for you.

On either end of the email, what is whitelisting and why is it so important?

What is Whitelisting?

A whitelist comes into play when anyone voluntarily decides to register for communications, messages, or any type of content from a company. It is accessed after going through the opt-in process and it is especially important within the field of email marketing.

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Also, within modern marketing, the implementation of any mailing strategy is not conceived without first having gone through the development of a whitelist.

Modifiable and always at the mercy of consumer decisions, having these lists prevents problems due to spam or massive content delivery to recipients who do not want to receive it. A concept that, in addition, is of vital necessity for most companies that have web pages and subscription systems.

The figure of the subscriber is something intimately linked to this term, to the point that the group of subscribers is what makes up these lists.

The preparation of whitelists is something that, moreover, must always be done taking into account the intentions of consumers. These are the ones who decide whether to be part of it, and they usually do so because they are already leads, that is, users interested in what the company offers in terms of content, products, or services.

What Is A White List For?

A whitelist serves to have a set of recipients to whom you can send emails with which to inform about promotions, initiatives, products, or simply provide content of interest. It is a very necessary element for companies that want to carry out really effective email marketing campaigns and, above all, without the risk of blocking or banning by the destination servers.

In addition, it is something that favors the brand image and fits with attraction marketing. Thanks to these lists, companies can get closer to their consumers and analyze the information to assess what they are most interested in and/or need to offer.

Ties are strengthened between both parties to achieve greater fidelity. It favors brand branding and fits in with attraction marketing, as companies can get closer to their consumers and analyze the information to assess what interests them.

One thing is certain: You cannot email others than those on the allowed list. The appropriate recipients must be carefully chosen.

Whitelist Strategies

Whitelists are one of the most common ways is to continually offer promotions and discounts. Some stores send promotions every week, and users who are loyal to said brand or product are always aware of whether they have sent a discount coupon or published offers.

Another foolproof way to get users to subscribe voluntarily is by giving away a discount in exchange for subscribing.

Many stores, as soon as you enter, display the message “get a 10% discount on your first purchase by subscribing to the newsletter” —you only have to add your email and accept, and in a matter of a few seconds, you have the coupon in the tray.

You can also get new whitelist subscribers through the lead magnet. That is, a type of product that we deliver free to the user in exchange for their contact information. This type of strategy works best for companies that sell certain services.

How To Create A Whitelist On Outlook

If you’re a recipient and don’t want to miss anything about ValueWalk content, this is how to create a whitelist onto which you can add our email, [email protected].

When you receive an email from a whitelisted sender, Outlook never puts it in the Junk Email box.

Whitelist On Outlook

To create this list you must access the “Settings” menu and “Junk email.” Then, select the "Safe senders and domains" tab, and by clicking on the “Add” button you can add our email [email protected] and even our internet domain to your white list.

Email addresses that appear in your Contacts list are considered safe if you check the “Also trust email from my Contacts” box. If you send emails to recipients who are not in your Contacts list and want these addresses to be considered safe senders, check the “Automatically add my recipients to the list of safe senders” checkbox.

And you’re done!

How To Create A Whitelist On Gmail

Whitelist On Gmail

To do so, just click on the “Settings” icon and choose the option to see all settings. In the “Settings” submenu, go to the “Filters and blocked addresses” section and click on the “Create a filter” link.

Whitelist On Gmail

In the “From” field, enter the addresses that you want to include in your list of safe addresses, and separate them by the word “OR.” Then click on the “Create filter” button and enter [email protected].

Next, you can choose the configuration that you want to give to your filter. To consider these addresses as safe and never send your emails to spam, you must select the “Never mark as spam” option.

Lastly, click on the “Create filter” button and you’re done!

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