How To Jailbreak iOS 7 with Evasi0n 7 [UNTETHERED]

How To Jailbreak iOS 7 with Evasi0n 7 [UNTETHERED]

As we informed our readers earlier, iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak is out, which means you can finally jailbreak your iOS devices such as an iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch running on iOS 7 through iOS 7.0.4. The jailbreak is possible due to the hard work of the Evad3rs team, and their Evasi0n 7 application available for Windows and Mac OS.

If you haven’t noticed by now, then the good part with this jailbreak is that it is an untethered jailbreak, which means you won’t need to connect your iOS device to a computer to turn on the device each time it reboots. Your device is ready-to-use even after a reboot, and that’s the beauty of untethered jailbreak. So without any further ado, let’s learn how to do an untethered jailbreak on iOS 7 using the Evasi0n tool.

Compatibility and supported iOS versions

Evasi0n 7 is compatible with all iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models, including the latest iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. For now, Apple TV is not supported.

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This jailbreak is compatible with the following iOS versions:

  • 7.0
  • 7.0.1
  • 7.0.2
  • 7.0.3
  • 7.0.4


  • Computer running Windows or Mac OS X (10.6 minimum)
  • iTunes installed on your system
  • iOS device running on iOS 7 through 7.0.4
  • A USB cable


  1. Ensure that there’s no lock screen passcode or Touch ID set on your iOS device. You can disable the passcode from: Settings > General > Touch ID & Passcode > Turn Passcode Off
  2. Back up your iOS device using iTunes before you start the jailbreaking process. Do NOT skip this part, as you won’t be able to recover it if you haven’t backed-up.

How to Jailbreak iOS 7 through 7.0.4

Step 1: Download Evasi0n 7 from here for Windows or Mac.
Step 2: Connect your iOS device to your computer and start Evasi0n 7.

Step 3: Evasi0n will now recognize your iOS device. Click on the “Jailbreak” button to start the jailbreaking process.
Step 4: Sit back and relax. Don’t try to do anything else on your computer or on your iOS device. Let the process finish. During this process, your device will also reboot twice.

Once your iOS device is jailbroken, you’ll be able to see Cydia on the home screen. Congratulations, you’ve successfully jailbroken your iOS 7 device, finally, after waiting for so many months.

You can now exit the Evasi0n application, disconnect your device from your computer and start enjoying your jailbroken device.

Here’s a nice video tutorial on jailbreaking iOS 7:

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