How To Get Back YouTube On Your iPad In iOS 6

How To Get Back YouTube On Your iPad In iOS 6

Apple’s latest mobile operating system – the iOS 6 does not appear to have the native YouTube app and many of you might be missing that. Fortunately, there is an official YouTube app available for iPhone but there is no YouTube app for the iPad. Google has said that they are working on an optimized version of the YouTube app for iPad and we can expect the app to be developed in the coming months. But for now we have an alternative solution to this problem by using a third-party app known as YouPlayer.

How To Get Back YouTube On Your iPad In iOS 6

YouPlayer is a YouTube browser and player especially for iOS6. It supports iPhone 5 and iPad but the user should be running on iOS 6 and it won’t work on older iOS versions.

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This app is currently listed in the top free apps on App Store. It is a good alternative for those who are missing the YouTube app. When watching a video, you can also subscribe to it and mark it as favorite. The small bar at the bottom of the screen displays featured, most viewed videos, trending videos, search bar, settings and more options button.

How To Get Back YouTube On Your iPad In iOS 6

Those who like viewing and commenting on the videos, for them this app would be disappointing as there is no such functionality offered by this app. Another minus point is that if you close the app and return to the home screen, then the video that you are watching will stop playing. This means that the app cannot play videos in the background.

You can get rid of advertisements with the help of purchasing an in-app pack of 99 cents. After signing-in, you can access your favorites, subscriptions and your uploaded videos.

For now we just hope Google to launch YouTube app for iOS 6 soon. Till then, try out YouPlayer and let us know your thoughts about this app in the comments section.

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