How To Get 3GB of Additional Storage Space on SkyDrive

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How To Get 3GB of Additional Storage Space on SkyDrive

Dropbox may have been a popular cloud storage service but for end users like you and me, there are many different options available. Google has its own offering named as Drive, and Microsoft too doesn’t want to stay behind in the race of cloud storage providers, and thus offers SkyDrive. SkyDrive may not be that popular when compared to other options, but it does offer 7GB of free storage space on the cloud which makes it a good option for those who want more storage space.

For normal users, it’s 7GB space, but if you are a student living in the United States then you’re in for a special treat. Microsoft is offering an additional 3GB of space to college students in US from its site “SkyDrive for Students”.

If you meet this criteria and want to redeem this offer, visit and enter your .edu email address. You’ll soon receive a code that you need to enter in the SkyDrive account before December 31 of this year. Students are entitled to get 3GB of additional space for one year from the date of redeeming the code. This means if you enter the code on June 1, then you’ll get bonus space of 3GB till June 1, 2014.


The offer is really enticing to students in the US, especially if they own a Windows 8 PC and a Windows Phone as both the platforms integrate really well with SkyDrive, and that too, natively. Even those who are on Windows 7 or Vista will find this offer interesting as they can install the SkyDrive client anytime, or just use the web interface of SkyDrive if they don’t want to install anything to the PC. Plus, mobile users can always grab SkyDrive app for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone.

Microsoft has not made it clear what will happen after twelve months, whether your account will turn to 7GB or will you need to start paying for the extra space. To be on the safe side, just have a backup plan ready after these twelve months

Sign-up for this special deal by heading over to the website. To download the client, hit the “Get it now” button.

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