How to Downgrade iOS 11 Beta 1 to iOS 10.3.3 / 10.3.2 [Tutorial]

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Apple’s iOS 11 Beta is available to download onto compatible devices. Released to developers at WWDC 2017, it is giving users a glimpse of the future of the mobile OS. If like many, the excitement of this beta release pushed you to install it early, there’s a chance you’re regretting that already. After all, unlike the stable version of iOS 10 you were using, this new beta is anything but that. In fact, we’ve already heard of people encountering bugs, instability, and compatibility problems. Fortunately, there is a solution, continue reading for some help.

Downgrade iOS 11 Beta

That’s right, at the moment, due to the nature of this Beta, it is possible to downgrade back to iOS 10.3.3 or even 10.3.2. Now, if you’re waiting for a jailbreak, that may be some time off. We doubt anyone is working on such an Apple freeing solution just yet. If that’s what you want, we advise that you do not upgrade to the iOS 11 Beta.

Why? To start with, as we mentioned above, a jailbreak is not forthcoming at this time. Plus, if you’re on an older unsigned version of iOS, upgrading to this beta, could mean you can not downgrade afterward.


While the process of downgrading iOS 11 is not complicated, there is one decision you will have to make during restoration. And that is whether to restore your iCloud backups for iOS 10x or not. Unfortunately, iOS 11 iCloud backups can not be used when downgrading, which could be irritating. However, there is nothing that can be done about that.

As for the decision, during the downgrade process, you will be given the choice of either restoring data from iCloud. Or, alternatively, setting up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, as a new device. Again, if you backed up data to iCloud using iOS 11, it will not be able to be used on iOS 10.3.2 or iOS 10.3.3.

How To Downgrade iOS 11 Beta

As with any tutorial, you should approach the following with caution. It is advised, that you back up all your data now. Plus, that during the process you do not read the whole tutorial first and then proceed. Instead, it is advised that you read and then act upon each step individually, this approach has been proven to limit mistakes.

1. To begin, you are going to need the very latest version of iTunes for Windows PC or Mac. Download and install it before moving on.

2. Next, the iPSW file of the version of iOS 10x that you wish to downgrade to is required. You can get the iOS 10.3.2 file for any compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod from here.

how to downgrade iOS 11 Beta tutorial

3. Moving on, using your iOS device go to the Home Screen >> Settings >> iCloud >> Find My iPhone. Followed by switching the toggle to the Off Position. You may at this point be prompted for your Apple ID Password enter it and then tap Turn Off.

4. When the above is complete, using a USB Cable connect your iOS device into your Mac or PC and wait for iTunes.

5. Now that iTunes has loaded, Select Your Device from the top left-hand menu.

6. The following step is slightly different depending on whether you are using a Mac or Windows PC.

For Windows, Hold Down The Shift Key, on Mac Hold Down Alt/Option. Doing so so will force iTunes to prompt you to select the IPSW File that you downloaded earlier. At this point you should Select The File and your copy of iOS Beta will be downgraded to iOS 10x.

That’s It

And that is it, all that is required of you now is to have some patience as the process gets underway. When complete, you will see the standard Hello on screen, which means you can go about re-setting up the device.

If you have any questions about this tutorial, we would be happy to answer them. Please use the comments section below and we will get back to you asap.

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