How To Boost iPhone’s Earpiece Volume During Phone Calls

How To Boost iPhone’s Earpiece Volume During Phone Calls

The amazing world of Cydia community won’t stop at anything, especially after the Evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 6 as it has opened new dimensions for developers and users. For those who don’t know, iPhone 5’s sales figure rose high just after the release of Evasi0n’s iOS 6 jailbreak because users now knew that with the phone now jailbreaked, they can do many more things than before. After jailbreaking, users can install new themes, tweaks and apps that were not possible before.

Here comes a new jailbreak tweak named as Volume Amplifier for your iPhone that increases the volume of the speaker up to 200 percent. Those who find the audio to be on the quiet side can use this tweak to increase the volume.

However, before you get excited it is worth noting that this tweak doesn’t work when you are playing media. It only works when you’re making or receiving calls.

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This package costs $1.99, and can be purchased from the BigBoss repo at the Cydia store. It might be possible that prolonged usage of this tweak can just lead to a distorted earpiece and that’s why you shouldn’t use it for extended times. To use this tweak, all you need to do is to keep on pressing the + key until you see the amplifier bar.

How To Boost iPhone's Earpiece Volume During Phone Calls

Volume Amplifier doesn’t make any alterations to the iOS system, rather, it alters the audio stream to give the impression of loudness. Also this tweak works only on iPhone 5 and it won’t work with iPhone 4/4S devices.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect this tweak to be on par with the boom sound of the HTC One, but it does brings a noticeable difference. Get it from the BigBoss repo by shelling out $1.99. Do let us know your opinion on this tweak if you’ve tried it.

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