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How Can PPC Marketing Campaigns Increase Your Profit Margins?

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How Can PPC Marketing Campaigns Increase Your Profit Margins?

Have you ever noticed that when you visit a website its side banners are usually catered to products or services you have recently searched or mentioned on your social media pages, or clicked on through another site? These banner ads at the top of the page and side of each page are a result of the wonders of PPC marketing. Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC) is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your company to your target market. Banner ads not only increase your exposure and corporate branding identity, but they can also increase the traffic generated to your website or product pages consistently. PPC ads can create a wealth of opportunity for your business, as they remain stagnant on website pages and are keyword generated. This means that they remain right in eye view of your target market, while they are navigating through websites looking for products or services similar to yours. Companies such as Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) have connected millions of consumers and businesses together through the use of PPC Marketing, by linking keywords to visual ads just as they do search engine results pages for websites.

How Can PPC Marketing Campaigns Increase Your Profit Margins?Creating Laser Targeted PPC Marketing Campaigns

What makes consumers click on the ads they see on the side of web pages? How often do you think people actually click on them? The answer is in the keywords and well structured wording in each ad campaign. Using the KISS policy (Keep It Stupid Simple) is always the best policy. Avoid flash graphics whenever possible, as they distract more than they attract. It is more important to convey a clear point of what you are offering your target market without being misleading. Determine the purpose of each post – is the goal traffic, profit or a lead? This will assist you in generating consistent traffic to your site.

Getting Around Character Count Restrictions

Most PPC marketing campaigns have tight character count restriction for both titles and descriptions, which requires creativity and cleverness to convey a direct, catchy message effectively. While using contractions in these ads are acceptable, many business owners utilize stronger images to convey their message, leaving the text as just confirmation details of what to expect when clicking. For example, if you are looking to showcase a teeth whitening product, using a picture of the perfect smile will convey the perfect message with the title, “What whiter teeth?” and a description that simply reads, “Now just $19.99 with ABC whitener.”

Learning the power behind these marketing strategies can be the determining factor of a successful campaign. Generating laser targeted traffic means targeting consumers who are  looking for your line of product  or service on a website that is relevant to your business.

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