Highest Tesla Model X Range Bumped Up Slightly

Highest Tesla Model X Range Bumped Up Slightly
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The time for the first Model X crossovers to be delivered to their buyers is getting closer and closer, and now it looks like the range for the P90D Signature Series model has been increased slightly. When the option was first added to Tesla’s website, the range was listed as 240 miles on a charge, but now Green Car Reports states that it has been increased to 250 miles.

Tesla only makes highest Model X available

Right now Tesla is asking Model X buyers to log into the website to customize their vehicles so their preorders can be filled. However, only the most expensive model, the P90D Signature Series, is available to select. This is in line with Tesla’s recent push to get the most expensive vehicles out the door first as over the summer, it prioritized orders for the Model S P85D version, the newest top tier of the sedan which has dual motors.

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The initial report about the increase in the Model X’s range comes from a screenshot on the Tesla Motors Club forum. A Model X buyer posted an image showing the range estimate as 250 miles instead of 240.

It should be noted that the P90D Signature Series, which starts out at a price of $132,000 before tax incentives, will probably have the longest range of the entire Model X line because it has the biggest 90 kilowatt-hour battery pack. However, it’s possible that Tesla will offer a 90D model without the high-end Performance package, and Green Car Reports speculates that it could have a higher range than the P90D model.

Tesla deals with Model X delays

The website goes on to suggest that the range could be one of the key reasons Tesla has delayed the release of the Model X more than once. Keeping the range of the vehicle in line with the range of the Model S is a more difficult task because it’s heavier and takes up more space. There had been reports that Tesla was considering trying to do this by replacing the side-view mirrors with video cameras to reduce drag on the vehicle, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hasn’t decided whether video cameras instead of mirrors should be legal.

The first Model X deliveries will be made on Sept. 29 at the automaker’s Freemont, Calif. factory.


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