Hidden Nintendo Switch Game Unlocks On Anniversary Of Gaming Icon’s Death

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Reports of a hidden Nintendo Switch game triggered intrigue in the gamer and hacker communities, and while many expressed disbelief, a few did believe the person who posted about it on a gaming forum. A forum user by the name of Setery posted on the forum that a game called NES Golf mysteriously showed up on her console’s screen. A few began to investigate what could trigger the appearance of the hidden Nintendo Switch game, and finally, someone has an answer.

Many people who commented on Setery’s original post suggested that the NES Golf game wasn’t even real and that the whole episode was simply made up. However, others said that it isn’t so hard to believe because Nintendo did say recently that it plans to include online support for some classic NES games to its online service.

The hidden Nintendo Switch game became known as “Flog,” which, as you may have noticed, just happens to be “golf” spelled backwords. The problem with the first report about the hidden Nintendo Switch game was that it was so hard to get it to unlock. It seemed that the game just unlocked on its own without the player doing anything to open it, but now a hacker may have figured out how the game unlocks.

Hackers who studied the code figured out that the hidden Nintendo Switch game unlocks on July 11, which happens to be the date former Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata passed away in 2015. He was a gaming icon and the face of Nintendo for many years. Gamers and the tech media became accustomed to seeing his face at online Nintendo Direct press conferences.

Before taking the helm at Nintendo, Iwata was a programmer with titles such as Super Smash Bros., Pokemon and EarthBound credited to him. In an interview with Used Games magazine in 1999, he said that he had developed the NES Golf game that has apparently been hidden in the Switch console, but a number of developers had refused to work on it. He also said that he later discovered out how to fit the entire game on a cartridge.

Hacker Plutoo has tweeted quite a lot about the hidden Nintendo Switch game and offered up a suggestion to those who were set on getting it unlocked. One suggestion was to manually set the date on the console to July 11, but apparently, this won’t for those who have connected their Switch to the Internet at any point. Any Switch console that has been online knows what the date actually is and thus won’t accept a manual change because it caches the network time. Thus, if you’ve played online with your Switch, you’ll have to wait until next July 11 to play the hidden Nintendo Switch game.

The other piece of the puzzle is a movement that must be made with the Joy-cons on July 11. Iwata was known for the “direct to you” motion he made with his hands when giving the Nintendo Direct press conferences. It is this motion players must make with the Joy-cons on July 11 if they want to play NES Golf on their Switch.

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