Here are all the iPhone 11 prices in Pakistan

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Preorders for the iPhone 11 line-up in Pakistan are now open, so the official prices are finally available. We’ve got all the iPhone 11 prices in Pakistan here.

iPhone 11 price in Pakistan

iPhone 11 preorders began at all authorized resellers in Pakistan today. In the U.S., the three variants start at $699, $999 and $1,099, so it comes as no surprise that prices are especially steep overseas. Here are all the iPhone 11 prices in Pakistan, including duty charges:

  • 64 GB iPhone 11 – PKR 173,499
  • 128 GB iPhone 11 – PKR 182,299
  • 256 GB iPhone 11 – PKR 200,999
  • 64 GB iPhone 11 Pro – PKR 229,999
  • 256 GB iPhone 11 Pro – PKR 258,499
  • 512 GB iPhone 11 Pro – PKR 296,499
  • 64 GB iPhone 11 Pro Max – PKR 248,499
  • 256 GB iPhone 11 Pro Max – PKR 276,999
  • 512 GB iPhone 11 Pro Max – PKR 315,499

While preorders have just begun, the phones will actually start landing in the hands of consumers and on store shelves on Nov. 15.

Apple has assigned the unique country code ZP/A for Pakistan, so if you do buy an iPhone 11, you can make sure it is genuine by looking for that code. All models that are genuine have been approved by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority.

Features and specs

Apple fans in other countries have had their hands on the iPhone 11 line-up for more than a month now, so Pakistanis have been waiting excitedly for their turn. One big new feature Pakistanis will enjoy with this year’s iPhones is the addition of FaceTime, which was previously disabled in Pakistan. Apple enabled it in the country with iOS 12.4, so it has been available for a while, although these will be the first iPhone models to actually arrive with FaceTime activated in them.

The base iPhone 11 model sports a dual-lens camera, while the two Pro models have a triple-lens camera on the back. Apple has also included a number of other improvements, including a new ultra-wide lens. The phones also feature Apple’s new A13 Bionic chip.

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