Apple’s Legacy Of Changing Technology In Our Hands

Apple is a successful business growing continuously even today. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs. The company was founded in 1973 but became popular in 2003. In 2003 Apple blasted its product with success. This company had a motto of wanting to be involved in changing lives and making the next product not only to be better but useful in a situation in need. Apple was so successful it was one of the first products to be worth one trillion dollars. Steve Jobs focused on having the product be so good in performance and this left the motto being born.


Apple’s Legacy Of Changing Technology In Our Hands

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This motto is what really made Apple to be so successful. Steve wanted to make bigger and brighter ideas for his next project to advance his product in equality and in numbers. The devices being used range from phones, watches, and computers. Apple was doing so well because of the product being so well known it became overlooked and easy. Easy such as overlooked and started to be seen as old news. Apple tried to make a new product, although better, every year, or at least very close to the one that was just made. This is why some people did not want to use Apple. People saw it as a money grabber when really they were just trying to tell the news of the next game-changer that's better. This gave opportunities for other companies to bounce off ideas and a chance to get money as a competitor.

Apple's Legacy And Competitors

Android is a well-known competitor and has involved itself to be the twin of Apple. Both products are excellent and at the same time have people arguing about them. One product outdoes the other and then the next one gets praised to then have the recent product bashed. Android however does not have the vision to change lives as they make a better product.

On the other hand, Apple wants to have a better product but have it with a purpose. Apple started the legacy of changing technology into our hands. It is now in our education system and some if not applied to most jobs in the world. Apple used its uniqueness to be branched throughout the world. Music is also a popular trend and always existed. Apple branched music to iTunes and is used to spread music by an artist after artist to get their music well known. People were using CDs and cassettes. Apple wants to make things easier for others with purpose. So people can enjoy their phones, computers, music, or education.

Apple has displayed many devices and opportunities to become better in products and in purpose. This is a major reason I have so many products from Apple and will continue to do so.


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