Hedge Fund Salaries


Hedge fund salaries are a topic of intrigue and also discomfort – are you being overpaid, fairly paid or more likely underpaid? It is hard to find an answer to that question without revealing your salary and bonus to people who you might not want knowing that information.

ValueWalk is proud to partner with a firm which can help you find this info in a quick easy manner without any disclosure of your confidential information.

Emolument is the leading crowd-sourced remuneration data website aimed at professionals across financial, legal and professional services. With over 125,000 users from 133 countries and across 18,500 institutions, Emolument provides transparency about what professionals really earn to help them make more informed career decisions. Their database contains reliable, confidential and up-date information on hedge fund salaries.

Benchmark your salary and bonus with the Emolument form below!

Hedge Fund Salaries

You can get all the information you need within a matter of moments. Are you a second year investment banking analyst based in UK working hour weeks and looking to find out what hedge fund salaries for a long/short equities analyst in NYC or LA earns? Emolument is your go to resource. Do you work in back office at a global macro fund in Hong Kong and want to see what you can earn as an analyst at a similar fund in Singapore? Emolument Is the place to go.

All you have to do is fill out the form below to find out hedge fund salaries – also if you are looking for consulting gigs, private equity, investment management and more it is all at the tips of your fingers. Neither ValueWalk nor  Emolument can view your information so it all stays confidential and the resources are totally free.

Valuewalk has partnered with salary benchmarking site Emolument.com to provide you with their helpful tool’ If you have further questions please see the FAQ here or email [email protected] – if you have no questions, get started by filling out the form below!

Hedge fund salaries
Hedge fund salaries


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