Taking Advantage Of Your Outdoor Space [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Outdoor living has fast become a trend amongst UK homeowners and renters. With the many proven health benefits of spending time outdoors, it is not difficult to see why there has been a surge in popularity of spending more time embracing our outdoor spaces. From using your outdoor space to grow your own fruit and plants, to installing a pool or building a decking, there are many different ways you can enjoy and enhance your outdoor living space.

Not only does spending time outdoors improve your memory, but it has also been claimed that it can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and even fight depression. With these in mind, along with the endless possibilities of how you can adapt your outdoor space to suit your individual needs, hobbies and personality; there’s no wonder they’re becoming the go-to place within the home. Make the most of your garden whether you want to grow your own vegetables, generally enjoy the health benefits the outdoors has to offer, or fancy dining al fresco! This infographic created by Patio Awnings 4 Less introduces the many different interesting ways you can make the most out of your outdoor space.

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Gardens are Good for the Soul

A Telegraph article titled ’10 Reasons Why You Should be Spending More Time in Your Garden’ suggests we should be spending more time in our outdoor space as it helps build self esteem, promotes family bonding and also serves as a creative outlet. Although there are many different ways in which you can choose to use your outdoor space, these benefits will still apply to anyone spending extra time outdoors.

Nature and the impact of ‘greenery’ on wellbeing has proved to be significant, therefore people living in more urban or industrial areas could benefit from creating a green space in their outdoor area.  ‘Forest bathing’ is an increasingly popular trend in Japan which is claimed to have a therapeutic effect. It consists of individuals lying down in the forest, sitting or just walking around the outdoor space and enjoying the calming environment whilst benefitting from its natural beauty. This is said to boost their mood, reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and is generally a great way to escape the digitally invaded environments many of us have become accustomed to.

With an increasing number of people living in urban areas and highly populated cities, the importance of spending time fully immersed in nature is more important than ever. We are often tied to our smartphones and addicted to updating our social media profiles, yet these have shown to be having a negative impact on our mental health and energy.

Research shows that Brits check their phones as much as 28 times a day and although social media platforms have many benefits, using them frequently is having an effect on human connection, self esteem, memory and sleep to name just a few issues. Spending time outdoors and taking a digital detox is crucial for our health and wellbeing, therefore making the most of your outdoor living space and using it as an escape from the demands of everyday life is an essential form of self care.

Outdoor Living Trends

Research shows that 60% of British people prefer to use their own outdoor space in order to relax, which ties in perfectly with the concept of spending time outdoors benefiting your mental health and being a stress-buster. 34% of Brits however, prefer to use their outdoor space to entertain and award-winning garden designer John Wyer predicts that outdoor structures such as outdoor kitchens with integrated lighting and heating are to become hugely popular in the next year.

There are many popular outdoor living trends that continue to remain top choices when it comes to improving your garden, there are also many new and interesting ways you can transform your outdoor space. Patio Awnings are a great way to update your outdoor space without spending a fortune on an unnecessary extension or conservatory.

Ecological gardens designed with the sole purpose of benefitting the environment and encouraging wildlife with locally sourced materials and native plants have also become fashionable throughout 2018. Greenhouses are also set to have a comeback according to designer James Scott.

Textured paving out of handmade bricks or textured paving blocks have become a top choice as their imperfections allow for a natural element which looks great in small urban gardens. Architectural plants are another unique element to incorporate into your outside space as they are multi-purpose and add a modern, unique feel.

Invest Time and Money into your Outdoor Space

With the increased time being spent in gardens and outdoor spaces (particularly during the British summer period) it makes sense that more effort and money is put into the upkeep of our gardens. Whether you prefer lots of greenery and enjoy to garden as a hobby, or you’re a BBQ connoisseur with a love for hosting outdoor events; creating a positive and inviting space outdoors is great for your general wellbeing and happiness.

42% of UK households conduct patio upgrades at least once in their lifetime and homeowners renew their patios or decking at an average of 6 times during their adulthood. New research also reveals that 59 percent of homeowners are prioritizing outdoor living as the biggest influence in their overall outdoor project design. It is clear to see from research and statistics which are represented throughout the following infographic, the rising importance of having an outdoor space not only to relax or entertain in, but to benefit your health and wellbeing. How do you use your outdoor space?

Taking Advantage Of Your Outdoor Space


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