After Halloween, Pokemon Go Brings Daily Bonuses To Make Players Stick

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Pokemon Go players will now be rewarded with daily bonuses, giving them one more reason to stick with the game even though the Halloween event is now in its final stretch. Last week, there were speculations about this based on a data mine of a recent update, but an official announcement was yet to come.

How do the daily bonuses work?

Niantic shared some details regarding the activities that trainers will be required to participate in to collect the bonuses and be eligible to earn a bonus streak every week. Pokemon Go players will get a small bonus the first time they visit a Pokestop or catch a Pokemon each day. Bonuses will include extra items from the stop, extra Stardust from the Pokemon and 500 XP from each.

For a player who visits a Pokestop or catches Pokemon everyday for one week, there will be a bigger bonus, more items, Stardust and 2,000 XP. If a player has a favorite Pokestop and visits it on a daily basis, there will be rewards as well.

Niantic said the activities will be reset at 12 a.m. local time, so if the player catches a Pokemon at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, the daily bonus for Wednesday will be available a minute after 12 a.m. on Wednesday. The player should make sure not to miss the activity reset feature, as a single miss means they will have to start all over again.

Pokemon Go gains From Halloween event

The extra spooky Halloween monsters will be gone soon, discouraging players from keeping the game on their smartphones. However, the daily bonuses should reignite the interest level in game lovers. Niantic has not mentioned when this feature will be rolled out, and therefore, players will need to be alert and keep checking.

The Halloween event worked well forPokemon Go, helping it regain its position in the U.S. app store charts, notes The Wall Street Journal. The event celebrated Halloween by offering players extra candy and making certain ghost-type Pokemon available. Niantic did not disclose the amount of revenue earned from the Halloween event.

After the success of the Halloween event, Niantic is planning to launch similar small events for the game and add new features such as player battles and character trades. Pokemon Go, which is a blend of augmented reality and location-tracking technologies, took the world by storm instantly after launching in July. The game has been downloaded more than 500 million times, according to Niantic.

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