Hacker Brings Google Maps To Apple’s iOS 6, But With A Few Bugs

Hacker Brings Google Maps To Apple’s iOS 6, But With A Few Bugs
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Ryan Petrich, a self labeled hacker and engineer, claims that he has found a way to make Google Maps work on iOS 6. He made these claims via Twitter, saying that he had found a way to make Google Maps for iOS 5.1 run on the new OS platform.

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Hacker Brings Google Maps To Apple's iOS 6, But With A Few Bugs

While he won’t say exactly how he accomplished the feat, he does point out that he is running it on an iPhone 3GS, and it took a “little trickery”, according to CNET. Petrich has posted a video on YouTube, which shows his iPhone’s screen, as he navigates the Google Maps application.

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This may be exciting news to some iPhone users, as we have previously reported that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) launched its own version of a Maps application, powered by Tom Tom, in iOS 6. This application has had some major criticism from both competitors, such as Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK), and tech blogs, such as Gizmodo.

The app reportedly has major issues with placing addresses in the wrong location on the map, as well as poor imagery in its satellite view. According to some reports, airport runways become wrinkled and bridges disappear from the map. However, one expert did claim he knew how to fix Apple’s Maps application. He suggested that Apple should hire an excellent cartographer, who would be able to supply them with the correct information for their maps system.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) created the Maps program in an effort to divorce themselves from their competitor, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), who’s Google Maps has long been the driver for Apple’s iOS operating system’s navigational application. However, with the flaws in the new Maps application, it seems that Apple will once again have to take Google’s hand in order to find their way around the world.

While Ryan Petrich has found a way to coax Google Maps to work in iOS 6, he does admit that it still has some bugs to work out. He points out that crashes are common when trying to use the application, and that it is not yet ready for public distribution. Also, he claims that your Apple device would have to be jailbroken, in order for the application to work. So, no permanent fix is in view yet, though there’s some hope that one will be available soon.

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