GTA 6: What Will Rockstar Include To Please Fans?

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Fans of the GTA series are eagerly awaiting the sixth major release of this hugely successful video game title. GTA 6 will unquestionably be a multi-billion dollar video game when it is finally released, and each new GTA game seems to up the ante in terms of scope, the resources involved and hype. We have long since traversed the point where video games are part of mainstream entertainment, and getting the GTA 6 game in the series absolutely right will be a major challenge for Rockstar.

So what new elements will the publisher consider when GTA 6 is released? Here are some of the critical issues that fans would like to see addressed.

GTA 6 – Fun vs realism

While the GTA series of games has always possessed extremely earthy elements, earlier releases in the series were also notable for wild and humorous aspects. In particular, GTA: San Andreas saw players infiltrating a military base akin to Area 51 to steal a jetpack. This game is still considered by many fans of the series to be the ultimate GTA title due to the sheer variety of missions, locations, and the depth of the imagination that went into the title.

Some of the anarchic spirit of GTA has been, if not eliminated, diluted and toned down somewhat in recent releases, particularly the most recent GTA 5. Rockstar has instead left it to the Saints Row series of games to become ever more outlandish in approach. However, with GTA 6 Rockstar may consider widening the scope of what players can do, and concern itself less with the grounded realism of GTA 5.

Dealing with protagonists

Having three central protagonists in the GTA 5 game was certainly an interesting element of the title, and it would be wrong to assert that it was a complete failure. It was interesting to switch between one character and another, and the way that Rockstar implemented this within the game was certainly innovative and an impressive technical achievement.

But the fact that we did not connect with one central character did perhaps lessen the impact of the main narrative of the game. Many players complained that it was impossible to identify with one character, considering that we simply do not spend enough time with each of the three protagonists.

Every GTA title has attempted to appear ever more complex than its predecessor, and this would suggest that Rockstar will be more inclined to increase the number of protagonists in GTA 6 compared to the previous title, rather than reducing them. But many gamers would like to see a single-player narrative in the next GTA game, simply because it provides a richer focus for the gameplay and narrative experience.

This is something that Rockstar will have to consider, while also ensuring that it does not produce a game that appears to have regressed from previous titles.

More convincing set pieces

Ahead of the release of GTA 5, there was a lots of emphasis regarding how the game would involve players conducting a series of heists. This is not in itself inaccurate, but many believe that the heist system included in the game was somewhat disappointing. Not only were they not particularly difficult to carry out successfully, but once, at a fairly early point in the game, the first heist had been completed, the monetary system in the game was rendered pretty much irrelevant.

Somehow the big missions in the single-player game of GTA 5 just didn’t feel big enough. This should be remedied when GTA 6 is released.

Director Mode

The new Director Mode, which was released on consoles in September of last year, was a welcome addition to the GTA community. Rockstar should ensure that Director Mode is included in all console versions of GTA 6 from day one, particularly as the corporation has tended to prioritize the console editions of the game over its PC brethren.

Cheat Modes

Another interesting aspect of the earlier GTA games was the inclusion of cheat modes which enable the player to achieve numerous interesting and amusing visual effects around the GTA universe. It would be appealing to see something similar to the ‘riot mode’ that was included in GTA: San Andreas imported into GTA 6, particularly as the cityscape involved in the game is likely to be the most convincing, realistic and absorbing ever to be included in a GTA title.

Sprint button

Many observers of the GTA experience opine that although mashing the buttons is a core part of the gameplay experience, this really shouldn’t be the case when other titles have implemented a much simpler and more convenient sprinting system. Simply including a sprint button, as opposed to compelling players to tap a certain button continually, would surely be a step forward for the title.

Difficulty level

Many people felt that the difficulty level in GTA 5 was simply too low, and that the campaign ultimately posed little challenge for the most experienced GTA players. Rockstar was accused of populism here, attempting to appeal to casual gamers who may not have been able to complete the campaign if it was set at a challenging difficulty.

Perhaps including a variety of difficulty levels in GTA 6 could overcome this problem, as is, of course, common in other games. Grounded mode in The Last of Us is notorious for being extremely difficult, while the recent Bloodborne was also a massive challenge for gamers. The hardcore GTA players would surely welcome a similar challenge in the GTA 6 universe, at least as an optional extra.

Unified GTA Online

Finally, Rockstar will certainly be an embracing the online GTA Universe when GTA 6 is released, considering the amount of money that it has made for the video games manufacturer. However, Rockstar has a decision to make regarding what it does with the existing GTA Online universe. This is proving to be extremely popular, and the corporation will not necessarily want to abandon it when GTA 6 comes along. It is possible that a massive and unified GTA Online experience could be created, and this would surely make the online game even more successful and enjoyable than it is already.

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