Grayscale Tool Makes It Easy For You To Read Web Pages

Grayscale Tool Makes It Easy For You To Read Web Pages

Those who spend a lot of time reading web pages will know how various elements of the page can distract us from reading. For example; there are images, social media icons and sharing buttons, and worst of all – advertisements. All these elements distract us, and sometimes annoy us too. However, there’s one thing that you can do – turn the web page to grayscale (black and white) so that it’s easier to read the text.

Instead of viewing those call out buttons (also known as action buttons) , those colorful advertisements and getting distracted every now and then, you can simply convert the web page to gray scale mode. To do this, you can use a lightweight Chrome extension known as Grayscale tool.

After installing this Chrome extension (developed by Emanuel Malmquist), you can switch any web page to grayscale. Open a new web page, or on existing page, press the shortcut key Shift + G from your keyboard.

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As you can see in the above image, the grayscale mode definitely improves readability. The page looks more like the early black and white newspapers, and of course looks easier on the eyes too.

A button to switch to this mode would have added more value, but for now, simply switch to this mode by using the shortcut key and deactivate the graycsale mode by pressing the shortcut again.

Download Grayscale Tool from Chrome Web Store

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