GoPro Hero 5 To Offer Voice Controls [Leaks]

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GoPro’s upcoming Hero 5 action camera has been in the rumor mill for the last several months. Latest leaks suggest that the next-gen action camera could include voice controls. If true, it will help users capture images, record videos, highlight video clips, and do much more simply by giving the device voice commands. A few days ago, Japanese website Nokishita published many photos of the Hero 5, but subsequently pulled them down. Mirrorless Rumors also posted a few pictures of the GoPro Hero 5 Black.

‘That was sick’

As if that wasn’t enough, a Reddit user posted an alleged Hero 5 manual to the GoPro subreddit, though it has now been deleted. These leaks reveal all the features that you can expect from GoPro’s next-gen action camera. The Verge got its hands on the user manual that lists all the voice commands the Hero 5 would support. There are a total of ten voice commands, but the one that stands out is “That was sick.”

Image Credit: Mirrorless Rumors

According to the manual, saying “That was sick” will prompt the Hero 5 to tag a video with the HiLight tag. Notably, another command “GoPro HiLight” does the same thing. SlashGear speculates that the “That was sick” command could be a fake command added by someone, as its font is slightly wider than the “GoPro HiLight” command.

GoPro Hero 5 to have a touchscreen LCD display

According to leaked images, the Hero 5 will look similar to its predecessor, though the front power/menu button is missing. GoPro’s upcoming action camera is rumored to feature a touchscreen, which may eliminate the need for a menu navigation button. The Hero 5 is also rumored to be waterproof right out of the box up to a depth of 10 feet. For deeper use, you’ll need to encase it in a “Super Suit” housing.

The GoPro Hero 5 will be capable of shooting 4K videos. It is said to feature a USB Type-C port, a 1,220mAh battery, a touchscreen LCD display, and support for up to 64GB microSD card. The Hero 5 is also said to offer cloud support. Once plugged in and fully charged, it will automatically upload images to the cloud over WiFi.

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