GoPro Inc Camera Caused Michael Schumacher’s Head Injury [REPORT]

GoPro Inc Camera Caused Michael Schumacher’s Head Injury [REPORT]
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Adventure junkies love to have a GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) camera placed on their helmet or other suitable places to record their adventure. But it may prove costly. A new report claims that the Formula One legend Michael Schumacher’s head injury was caused by the GoPro camera mounted on his helmet. French journalist Jean-Louis Moncet recently spoke to Michael’s son Mick, who revealed it to Moncet.

Michael Schumacher still fighting

Notably, Mick was skiing with his father when the former Ferrari racer sustained injuries on December 29, 2013. Michael was critically injured when he struck his head on a rock in the French Alps. Moncet said that the real problem was not the hit, but the GoPro camera mounted on his helmet that injured his brain. He added that Michael Schumacher is waking up, but very very slowly.

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Doctors have said that the F1 racer has made some progress, but it’s difficult to say how much recovery is possible. Mick Schumacher told Moncet that his father was still “fighting.” The racer is still in a coma. But he has been moved from a rehabilitation center in Switzerland to his €44 million home by Lake Geneva. A team of 15 experts look after the immobile German in a specially designed facility every day. His care costs his family about €127,000 per month.

Did GoPro came weaken the helmet?

Earlier this year, experts from the world-renowned skiing academy ENSA conducted tests on whether the GoPro camera weakened Schumacher’s helmet on impact. The helmet was broken in at least two parts. Analysis of the pieces of the helmet revealed that it had the right material. Then, why did it explode on impact? Experts expressed the possibility of the camera weakening the helmet.

GoPro launched its new camera Hero 4 on September 29. Hero 4 Black edition will cost $499 and Hero 4 Silver has been priced at $399. GoPro boasts that its new camera comes with the Emmy Award-winning technology. It also comes with powerful new features such as K30, 2.7K50 and 1080p120 video and built-in touch display.

GoPro shares were down 2% to $83.35 in pre-market trading Monday.

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