Google Trends: What Are Users Googling In Real-Time

Google Trends: What Are Users Googling In Real-Time
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If you’ve ever been curious as to finding out what the world is searching, you should check out Google Trends. This awesome feature allows users to see what people are searching for in real time.

Google Trends: What Are Users Googling In Real-Time

Google Trends Features

This unique feature shows the search items being typed up and displays them in a colorful fashion of bright moving rectangles. The search queries shared are as diverse as the world itself with common topics such as technology, sports, news, and celebrities. There are also plenty of search terms in foreign languages. Some of the most common queries include iOS 7, WWDC 13, PS4, MacBook Air, E3, and iOS 7 beta.

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Targeted Audience

Although this visualization tool is nifty, especially for bloggers or website owners who are looking for popular keywords to increase readership on their website, it still has some flaws. The popular given topics repeat themselves every minute or so and everything is spelled perfectly. So while it does provide a unique way to show internet users what the world is searching, it’s really no better than the “Trending Now” section on the Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) homepage.

With that said, it’s important to give Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) credit for thinking outside the box. This is a fun and fresh way to display common searches. At best, it’s entertaining and a little bit informative. For better results, Google Trends can be customized to different regions (countries) including the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Australia, Japan, and more. It’s interesting to compare and contrast the different search terms in different regions. For instance, some of the most popular search queries at press time in the United Kingdom include Kate Middleton, Big Brother 2013, Superman, and Kerrang Awards 2013. Popular searches in Hong Kong include PS4 and iOS 7 beta. Popular searches in Australia include Rupert Murdoch, BBC News, Miami Heat, and Nelson Mandela.

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