Google To Offer Free Wi-Fi In NYC With Sidewalk Labs

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Google wants to spread Wi-Fi internet for free throughout New York City with the help of Sidewalk Labs. The latter is a Google-owned company designed to improve city lifestyles with technology. The tech giant has yet to share the details involving the upcoming project, but it appears that it wants to expand Wi-Fi in all major cities.

Google to expand internet access in NYC

Sidewalk Labs recently announced its plan to launch Intersection, a company formed by the union of Titan and Control Group. The companies teamed up in the latter part of 2014 to create LinkNYC and transform old phone booths into Wi-Fi pylons. The project is set to start later this fall.

The most interesting thing about the new pylons is that they will also be used for charging smartphones and making free domestic phone calls. The pylons also feature touchscreens to help people find local city information.

The internet is a big part of most people’s lives, and Google knows that it is important to expand it as a public utility. The sheer size of New York City also makes it a key place to launch the Wi-Fi services. Google is embarking on a truly large project, and it is only a matter of time until Google expands it throughout the United States.

Google to offer free music

In order to compete with Apple’s upcoming music streaming service, Google plans to offer free user-curated playlists supported by ads. Right now, the free service is available on the web and Android devices, but a forthcoming iOS update will soon grant iPhone users access to the service. Google took a much easier route by offering free access to user playlists rather than free on-demand music with ad support. Spotify offers free music on-demand with the support of ads, but many musicians feel the format rips them off.

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