Google+ Stream: 5 Tips For Quick Navigation

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Google+ Stream: 5 Tips For Quick Navigation

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), at the I/O developer conference has launched the all new redesigned Google+. The new Google+ has plethora of features, and most notably, a complete new Google+ stream, which to some extent looks like Pinterest. Let’s take a look at some tips for navigating the new Google+ stream.

View Search box, circles and more
When you scroll down the stream to read posts, the top Google bar, search box, profile photo, home button, and circles disappear. If you want to get these items back, then there’s no need to scroll to top, instead, scroll your mouse wheel up a few times and you’ll be able to get them back. Don’t press the up arrow to scroll, instead use your mouse wheel to do that.

Keyboard shortcuts
Here’s a list of shortcut keys to navigate around the new Google+ stream.

j: next post
k: previous post
o: expand or collapse current post
n: next comment on current post
p: previous comment on current post
r: comment on current post
l: load new posts
/: search
?: show shortcuts list
Up arrow: scroll up
Down arrow: scroll down

Switching between two columns or three columns
There’s no setting to switch between two or three columns offered by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) but there’s a small trick involved to do that. If your screen resolution is more than 1570 pixels, then you will be automatically able to view the three column view, but if your screen resolution is less than that, then you’ll be able to see two column view. You can always resize your browser to switch between these views.

Return to top
Social networking is addictive and you can spend lots of your time on it. So if you’re scrolling down to view posts in your stream, and want to scroll to the top, then simply click on any free space in the menu bar. Of course you can click on the Home icon any time, but there’s no need to do that, as you can click on any free space to scroll to top.

This point is not exactly related to navigation, but still it’s worth mentioning. Click on the green Hangouts icon from the top right side of the browser window to open Hangouts. If you think this is distracting, then click on it again to hide it.

Go ahead, try out these tips to quickly navigate the Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) plus stream. If you’ve got any other cool tip then let us know!

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