Google Inc Seeks To Develop Cancer Detection Breakthrough


Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG) hopes to enter the medical field with a cancer detection breakthrough. The tech giant is developing tiny medical particles which could help find cancers and other diseases.

Google X Life Science Team lead researcher Andrew Conrad talked to WSJ.D Live on Tuesday. He explained how the particles can be directed towards different parts of the body by simply applying wearable magnetic devices to the skin. This device would be able to count skin particles and count the particles while compiling information about possible medical conditions detected.

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The future of health technology

Conrad explained during the interview conference, “Nanoparticles are the nexus between biology and engineering. We can make these nanoparticles behave in ways that we want them to do.”

The nanoparticle comes in pill form. These pills are covered with molecules or antibodies. The particles would measure about one-thousandth of the size of a red-blood cell and would attach to cells, molecules, and proteins in the body. Such nanoparticles could detect arterial plaque and high sodium levels. It may even replace standard blood tests which are currently used to detect diseases.

Google hopes to license out the technology

According to Conrad, Google would license the technology to other companies and would not take responsibility for managing information collected by the nanoparticles. Implementing the technology may also take over five years.

Google previously dabbled into the health and technology field. In early 2014, the search giant was in the midst of testing an advanced contact lens which would help those with diabetes test out their glucose levels. It measures the glucose levels in tears with a miniature wireless chip and glucose sensor. The search giant is also looking to bring partners to help them launch the actual product. This project also came from the Google X lab.

Google’s influence in technology is great, but the possibility of influencing the health tech industry could mean something greater.

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