Google Search Now Tells You The Busiest Times At Businesses

Google Search Now Tells You The Busiest Times At Businesses

Google Search now includes a feature that displays peak times for local businesses and places. All a user has to do is search for a business and click on the title to show details including address, phone number, and popular times. The data chart also highlights peak hours for every day of the week.

Google Search now displays busy times for business

Google says the new feature will be of great use to people who want to avoid busy times when they visit their favorite restaurants or retailers. The new feature is currently enabled for millions of businesses all over the world and users can directly access it through mobile web browsers and Google Search for Android apps.

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The feature has yet to roll out for all users, but Google is currently in the process of rolling it out for everyone. Tech Crunch’s Sarah Perez added, “While currently, the feature is not integrated into Google’s smart assistant Google Now, it’s the kind of data that could potentially be used in the future to better inform Google Now users of what to expect at the business they’re headed to after a Google Search.”

Google’s feature already has competition

According to Venture Beat’s Emil Protalinksi, the new feature for popular times may not work as well as hoped if the app skewed the numbers. If more people show up to a business during the least busy times, the feature would defeat its entire purpose.

There are a few similar apps that already do the same thing including NoWait (an app specializing in wait times) or the Disney World Wait Times app. Google’s feature will include many businesses throughout the world, something that gives it leverage. The feature would also be a big help to business owners who want to learn more about traffic patterns.

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