Google Product Search On Mobile Devices Now Has 360° View

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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s search engine for smartphones and tablets got an update yesterday so as to show new product details along with a 360-degree view. The move is designed to help customers make the shopping decisions more easily on the go. The company has introduced an expandable products card on


More convenience for buyers

The new update makes shopping a more pleasant experience for buyers. The update brings buyers more detailed information about the product, and helps them with store names suggestions where they can buy the product. Customer reviews about the product are available as well. The new features are integrated with Google shopping, a service meant to help customers find relevant details regarding a product such as its availability on different online shopping websites along with prices, so that they can make better buying decisions.

To get a closer and more complete view of the product, the search engine now provides a 360 degree view of the selected products. Desktop browsers already have the 360 degree feature, but availability on the smartphones and tablets is a major advantage as these devices are now preferred by most shoppers. Local inventory ads on tablets that allow advertisers to promote local products are also now being offered by Google.

Good timing by Google

The new feature comes at an apt time with Black Friday just days away, when shoppers will be bombarded with attractive discounts and offers from several online retailers. Black Friday these days is a shopping event that lasts for a complete week rather than just a day, and hence Google wants to test these new mobile features and prepare for the Christmas shopping rush just over a month away.

The new reviewing feature requires a critical mass of users, which means that all early reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. Since Google Shopping is not yet real competition to major players like Amazon, therefore, to date the reviews are limited and not that helpful.

Google notes that Google Shopping on smartphones gone up by 350% over the last few year. The internet giant claims that is already sending more mobile traffic from Google Shopping to retailers that it did during the last holiday season.

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