Google Plans An Event Ahead of Apple’s WWDC To Showcase 3D Maps

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Google Plans An Event Ahead of Apple's WWDC To Showcase 3D Maps

In an invite only event penciled to take place in San Francisco, coming Wednesday, Google has vowed to show off its latest technological developments on its subsidiary, Google Maps. Coining the idea as “the next generation maps”, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), Vice President and head of Google Maps and Google Earth products will be show-boating over what is possibly a behind the scenes development.

The event will be held barely five days before another tech giant, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) hold its annual developers conference, which would have detailed the road map of taking up the mapping business through its iOS. Having already effected the aforementioned acquisition on iPhoto, Google’s most recent proclamation could seem to be a ploy to deter Apple’s strategy.

This sounds like a looming skirmish encounter of brains and technology as far as future is concerned for the two masters in the mapping industry. What makes it sound like a perilous game from Google is that, first the event is coming several days prior to its usual time for such briefing.

Secondly, Mr. McClendon saw it fit to hold it just before Apple’s annual developers conference scheduled to take place starting 11 June. So unless the Google Vice is playing mind games, which I thing is part and parcel of the big picture, we are set for a war.

TheNextWeb columnist Matthew Panzarino notes in his post that TheNextWeb received an invitation to attend the conference. His annotations state, “we just got an invite in our inbox to an interesting Google event centered on Google Maps“, something he personally believes to touch on the 3D maps developments. “The invite says we’re invited to an event that will show off The Next Dimension of Google Maps, so we’re betting it’s related to 3D“. To the consumer, this will be an amazing feature; we cannot wait to dangle with it.

However, CNET‘s viewpoint on the developing news has a little more on the topic. CNET noted that this is not just about the 3D maps, but also a sneak preview of various other features set to clout the customers’ deepest imaginations to the real world.

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