Google Pixel, Pixel XL vs. iPhone 7, 7 Plus: Which Smartphone Is Better?

Google Pixel, Pixel XL vs. iPhone 7, 7 Plus: Which Smartphone Is Better?

Trying to pick a phone – you have a bunch of great choices so which is the best smartphone for you –  iPhone 7 or other?

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From 2015 into 2016, iPhone sales have dropped precipitously declining from 231 million global units to nearly 212 (over an 8% drop) prior to Apple’s release of its iPhone 7 in Q3 2016. With major Android smartphone maker Samsung reeling from its recent Galaxy Note maladies, Google’s first phone Pixel is seemingly well-poised to capture meaningful market share.

Launched on October 25, 2016, Google’s first smartphone seeks to be iPhone 7’s head-on competitor. Dubbed as the “Android iPhone you’ve been waiting for” or the “Android phone of our dreams” by Wired, Google is looking to make significant inroads with an iPhone crowd already using Google apps and predominantly functioning in a Google world (WSJ).

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While it is still early to tell, initial finds reported in Forbes indicates that Google’s Pixel is fairing better than its Nexus though worse than Samsung’s Galaxy S7. Pixel is projected to sell 3 to 4 million units before year end—small potatoes when compared to the 26 million Galaxy S7 phones Samsung has sold. For now, Google has sold out of its initial Pixel batch as purchases exceeded expectations causing a 3-4 week delay for consumers.

In comparison, Apple’s iPhone 7 is projected to sell more than 60 million units by 2017. Recent Q3 reports show the iPhone securing 104% of smartphone industry profits, however iPhone sales are retracting—down nearly 14% quarter over quarter according to BMO Capital Markets. Apple needs to overcome both a stalled smartphone market and a Google operating system presently found on 90% of all phones.


Both Google’s Pixel marketing and hardware aims directly at Apple’s iPhone (the Pixel ships with an iPhone-to-Pixel adapter for easy transfer of contacts and photos). To more easily distill new tech developments and the salient differences between Pixel vs. iPhone 7, influencer marketing agency Mediakix created a quick-guide infographic complete with camera, display, hardware, and pricing information:


Google Pixel & Pixel XL VS iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

Google Pixel and Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Infographic source: MediaKix

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