Google Pixel 2 Problem: New Update Causes WiFi Issues

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Although the Google Pixel 2 is generally considered to be an upgrade over its predecessor, Google’s latest flagship has still be plagued with its series of problems. Users are now reporting Google Pixel 2 WiFi issues that are making the phone randomly lose connectivity.

The WiFi issues are not the only problem users have been having with the Google Pixel 2, with reports coming in about overheating and battery drain issues as well after the most recent update. It seems that the patch has caused more issues than it has fixed, with many reports from around the web citing WiFi issues related to connectivity as a major problem with their new devices.

Piunikaweb reports that those who have been negatively affected by this recent update are seeing their phone lose WiFi connectivity “randomly, frequently, and repeatedly.” It’s important to note, too, that the phone will stay connected to the router despite the issues. This means that even if you see that your Google Pixel 2 is connected to the WiFi, you may still encounter WiFi issues with the connection – making it difficult to see when you actually lose service.

A temporary fix for the Google Pixel 2 WiFi issues is to turn the WiFi off and back on again, but this solution only provides a short relief from this pretty serious problem. With how much people rely on their phones to stay connected, it’s important that these WiFi issues be resolved sooner rather than later. With recent patches seeming to present even more issues, however, it seems that Google has a bit of a mess on their hands when it comes to the Google Pixel 2.

Some users have reported that rolling the February update back resolved the issue, which seems to confirm that the WiFi issues from the Google Pixel 2 are due to this new patch rather than a flaw in the phone itself. Unfortunately, reinstalling the patch brought the WiFi issues right back to the forefront.

“After updating via OTA, I’m experiencing intermittent loss of WiFi connection despite the phone showing me that it is still connected to the router. Turning WiFi off and on again resolves the issue temporarily but the problem comes back after 30 minutes or so. This never happened before in the January patch

I wasn’t able to reproduce this problem after flashing the January factory image and rolling back, but the issue came back again after updating to Feb security patch again. Anybody else experiencing this?”

Rebooting into Safe Mode also does nothing to address the issue, with a user from the UK reporting similar WiFi issues with no luck remedying the problem.

“Hello. I have been using Pixel 2 XL since November and I had no issue with the WiFi until the February update. The WiFi will just stop working after a few minutes unless I toggle the WiFi off and on and it will work for another few minutes. I am using the Virgin Media Superhub 2 in UK. Other devices have been working fine. I have tried resetting my phone, resetting my router, downloaded the latest google play service and even rebooting into safe mode. None of these actually solved the problem. I seriously love this phone but this bug is just too annoying. Hope you guys can fix it as fast as possible!”

We’ll have to wait and see how fast the company addresses the Google Pixel 2 WiFi issues, but until then, rolling your phone back to a previous update may address the issues for now.

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