Google Pixel 2 Price, Design, Color Options Leaked Ahead Of Launch

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With the Google Pixel 2 unveiling only a couple of weeks away, the rumor mill was expected to go into overdrive. All indications are that Google’s next-gen flagship will be a boring phone, at least in terms of design. However, the Pixel 2 is expected to pack great features. In the run up to the official unveiling, folks at Droid-Life have revealed Google Pixel 2 price, color options, and design. They also confirmed that the larger version would be called “Pixel 2 XL.”

Google Pixel 2 price to be similar to the original Pixel

The images leaked by Droid-Life suggest that the Pixel 2 will look similar to the last year’s model. It has a glass and metal design. However, the glass portion has become smaller than it was on the original Pixel. You can see a single camera on the rear panel. That’s surprising given all of Google’s rivals are jumping to the dual camera setup. Sources told the publication that the Pixel 2 would be available in three color options: Just Black, Kinda Blue, and Clearly White.

The Google Pixel 2 price will be similar to the original Pixel. The phone will be available in two storage options: 64GB and 128GB. The 64GB version will cost you $649. The 128GB Google Pixel 2 price is $749. Google will also offer financing options to make it easier for people to buy its latest flagship. If you choose to pay over 24 months, the Google Pixel 2 price will be $27.04 per month for the 64GB version and $31.21 per month for the 128GB model.

Pixel 2 XL to come in Just Black and Black & White

Droid-Life also leaked the Pixel 2 XL details in another report. Unlike its smaller sibling, the XL will be available only in two colors: Just Black and Black & White. It looks similar to its predecessor with a glass and aluminum design. The handset has a single camera and a fingerprint scanner on the back. The white color version appears to have a contrast red power button.

The Pixel 2 XL will also be available in 64GB and 128GB. The device will cost $849 for the 64GB model and $949 for the 128GB version. Its price is pretty close to Apple’s revolutionary new iPhone X, which will go on sale on November 3rd with a price tag of $999. If you want to spread the payment over 24 months, you’ll be paying $35.38 per month for 64GB Pixel 2 XL and $39.54 per month for the 128GB version.

Google Pixel 2 features and specifications

We know that the regular Pixel 2 will be made by HTC, which Google is in talks to acquire. The larger Pixel 2 XL will be made by LG Electronics. Since the two phones will be made by two different companies, they will likely have at least a few differences. From the leaked images, it appears that little will differ in terms of design. The photos do not show the front panel. It’s not yet known whether any of them will have an all-screen front.

The regular Pixel 2 is said to have a 4.97-inch screen, while the XL version is expected to feature a 5.97-inch display. Both devices will reportedly be powered by 4GB RAM and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 SoC. Though there were speculations that Google could use a newer Snapdragon 836 in the Pixel 2 phones, later reports confirmed that Snapdragon 836 doesn’t exist.

Numerous reports, including a teardown of the Google app APK, have confirmed that the upcoming Pixel phones would offer an Active Edge feature similar to HTC U11’s Edge Sense squeezable frame. It will allow users to activate Google Assistant simply by squeezing the phone’s frame. The LG-made Pixel 2 XL will also feature the Active Edge.

Though the Pixel 2 will have a single camera lens on the rear, probably similar to the original Pixel’s 12MP lens, we can expect it to have one of the best smartphone cameras. The original Pixel is still at the top of the smartphone camera rankings. The Pixel 2 will only be an improvement over its predecessor. Google could add unique software features to improve the photography experience.

The Pixel 2 will have a USB-C port, an IP68 rating for water-resistance, but no 3.5mm headphone jack. Yes, Google’s upcoming phones will ditch the audio jack. The search engine giant will introduce a set of wireless headphones code-named “Bisto.” It is not yet known whether Bisto will be included in the Pixel 2 box for free or sold separately.

Pixel 2 unveiling event time and place

The Google Pixel 2 will be unveiled at a special event on October 4th. The unveiling will take place at 9 a.m. Pacific Time (12 p.m. ET) at the SFJazz Center in San Francisco. It’s the same venue where the original Pixel phones were announced. The search engine giant will live stream the event on YouTube. If you want to watch it live, bookmark this link and come back to it a few minutes before the event kicks off.

Besides the Pixel 2 handsets, Google is expected to unveil a new Google Home Mini and Daydream View VR headset at the event. The new Google Home Mini will cost only $49. The rumor mill claims there will also be a new Chromebook called PixelBook. With a price tag of $1100, it would compete against Apple’s MacBook Air and Microsoft’s Surface.

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